Thursday, December 14, 2006

The "Knee"-tivity Story

So today at PT, I was put on the bike. No weight and we weren't sure I could do a whole rotation. I was able to do it, however. I was peddling pretty slow at first but, once I got going, I was peddling at a pretty good clip considering. I've been experiencing popping first the on the underside of my knee now on top. I was told my my orthopedist this is just the scar tissue breaking up. Anyway, I experienced a big pop on the bike so this is a good thing I guess. A new stretching excercise was added: while on my stomach, I pull my leg towards my head, holding it for 10 seconds then repeating. This makes a complete ten excercises now but this new one goes into the "just twice" catagory instead of three times. (Making 3 of those now.)

Just like when I went to PT this morning, I didn't wear my brace to the movies last night when I went with my mother. We pondered sitting in our usual spot on the first elevated level but we decided I need more space so we sat in the seats up against the fencing. I think it was still good I wasn't wearing my brace. Anyway, we went to see The Nativity Story with Whale Rider Keisha Castle-Hughes. (I almost typed Keisha Knight-Pullium...) The dork in me found it amusing having Alexander "Dr. Bashir" Siddig as the angel Gabriel but the movie was very good and made me surprised that all the Christians that elected Bush and pushed The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe and The Passion of the Christ to the top of the box office didn't do the same for this one. The best part of the film for me was that they spent more time with Mary and Joseph's journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem than the Bible does which gives the non-biblical scholar a chance to get to know Joseph a little. Harod was deliciously paranoid and the Magi were actually the comic relief of the piece. (Well, not as much as if they were played by say Ray Romano, Jerry Seinfeld and Bob Saget cuz that would have sucked but you get the point, I think.)

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