Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Didn't Tell You How It Went

Punchline first: The assignment doesn't start until later this month or early next but may just work.

I gave myself an hour to get there as it's taken 45 in the past to walk down to where their office is. I walked past the building and still arrived a half hour early. Good thing too because the re-activation process, supposedly done after 6 months of inactivity not 4, took forever. "I don't think you'll have to redo any paper work." I was told the day before on the phone. Ha! Most everything was shredded. I was pissed. I think the fact the woman I met with on that day doesn't work there any more plays a role in this somehow but what do I know?

I came across this news item that amused me. My Connecticut readers may have already saw this but "Want some toast?"

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