Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This past Saturday, I went to a Christmas party held at the home of one of the seminary students. It was a small gathering but fun. We drank homemade hot apple cider and each decorated a gingerbread man for the tree. Mine came out pretty well. After a lunch of pie, (Did I ever tell you the story of going to my mother's cousins? Where I was told their would be dinner and we just ate the pie we brought ourselves?) we put together a gingerbread creche. My sheep sucked. Damn fine motor control problems!

As of this past Sunday, I am officially a member of my church. I received a certificate, a rose and a piece of cake for the honor. I also had more than one comment about how they already thought I was a member. It was somewhat funny.

I've watched more Christmas movies recently. I watched Home Alone 4. I don't think I even bothered watching the third film but this one was not bad. Loved Clare Carey now playing Kevin's mom and the kid now playing Kevin wasn't bad although he did remind me a little too much of my little cousin... I did not, however, like that French Stewart now plays Marv because Joe Pesci he ain't...

Last night we watched The Polar Express. I have to say I enjoyed it more this time without all the little kids screaming and trying to escape.

In the realm of made of TV movies, I've watched I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Once Upon a Christmas and, brace yourself, Twice Upon a Christmas! The first film basically has this kid, played by the twins who played the kid Adam Sandler adopted in Big Daddy, witness his father, played by Corbin Bernsen, kiss his wife (Connie Sellecca) while in a Santa costume making the kid think that Santa is cheating on Mrs. Claus with his mother! Ho! Ho!

Once and Twice stars Kathy Ireland and the dude who played the Angel of Death of Touched by an Angel. Ireland plays Santa's youngest daughter Kristen and has to visit this "naughty" family to get them on the "nice" list before her father retires and her evil sister takes over the business thereby running it into the ground. The sequel basically continues the story. (Well, there's more to it but that would ruin it for you.)


Cathy said...

Ooh, the party sounds like fun! Congrats on becoming a member of your church. Technodude really has sucked you into the world of Christmas movies this year huh? Welcome! ;)

Likestrek said...

And Christmas specials!

JRRyan said...

LUNCH OF PIE!!!!!!!! Oh how I envy your incredible life! (of pie?)

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