Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Book and a Movie

Recently, I finished reading the Star Wars book, Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter by Micheal Reaves. I had high hopes for this novel as Darth Maul was a character I wanted to know more about. I suppose he was killed in The Phantom Menace to advance the character of Obi Wan Kenobi but couldn't that have happened in Attack of the Clones? (Then again, if it did, we may not have had the Yoda/Dooku fight so maybe it's for the best...) Anyway, this novel added something to his character that Dark Rendezvous disappointingly did not for Yoda so that was very good. I also had high hopes for this book after I discover the author was Michael Reaves who has written many a great cartoon episode from He-man to Batman to Gargoyles. I love how he kept tempting the reader into thinking he was going to do one thing and then take a left turn. Very good writing.

A friend let us borrow the movie Hitch with Will Smith and Kevin James while I was away so I watched it while my roommate was out and I was eating lunch. That movie was hilarious. So much so, I thought I was literally going to lose my lunch in a few places. Could a Kevin James get hot woman in real life? Well, he can apparently after seeing his wife but maybe the question should be could I? It's all about confidence I guess. Hmmm.

Well, off to do laundry...

Monday, May 28, 2007

It's Different Now

I used to live in CT and come up here to Maine to watch movies but now my situation is reversed. It's kind of weird.

I went down to CT for the holiday weekend. I was a good time and I was able to see my kitty so great. Thursday, my father and I rented two movies. That night the three of us watched Night at the Museum. It was a pretty funny movie. I will say, though, that the ending was too stereotypical kid friendly. It was too forced. I will also say that Mickey Rooney made the movie for me, Lunch Box!

Friday morning I watched the other movie we rented. Looking at the cover, it said Mission Impossible III was the best Mission ever. Going in to it, I was thinking "We shall see" but I think now maybe that statement was correct. Here's why, Snack Shack: this edition is the most ensemble of all the movies. Both TV series were ensemble. It was never "The Peter Graves" show. (Heck, Steven Hill was the original star...) The movies, especially the second one, was all Tom Cruise all the time and it pissed me off. III descends into that mode for the last twenty minutes but stays true to the form throughout most of it. Replacing Cruise with the more team player in Brad Pitt in the next one will help this franchise greatly. Giving Ethan a personal life wasn't really like the TV show either but it was like Alias so I can forgive J.J. Abrams and the writers for writing what they know. Can you believe that for all the stunts and effects, the one I liked best was the disposable camera mission briefing?

Friday night, we went out to the movies because my mother wanted to Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End. I have never seen so many teenagers in one place since I was one. I was very worried we'd have teenage girls getting up every twenty minutes to use the bathroom and teenage boys making lewd comments about what was going on but they all behaved themselves. (There was wolf whistles when Will and Elizabeth made out but what can you do?) To me, the movie was very slow in going when it started but once Johnny appeared the movie's pacing got much better. He was hilarious. I would be remiss to not mention the cameo by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards rocked very hard. As my mother pointed out, I don't think he's ever looked so good... What they did with the Elizabeth Swan character was totally awesome and if they insist on doing more films, as Jerry Bruckheimer recently suggested they would, I want more of that and not just because it's Keira Knightly but that certainly is a plus... This brings up something that occurred to me while watching the movie: Women have both Johnny and Orlando to gaze at but all we have is Keira considering Naomi Harris is nauserating to look at in these movies. It doesn't seem all that fair...

Saturday morning, I was conned into helping my father sell hot dogs at our church tag sale. It wasn't too bad in itself but now that everyone knows my father is leaving for a different church I had more people tell me how they'll miss him. Of course they will!

Saturday afternoon, we went to a house warming party for a friend of ours which was kind of a going away party for us in a way I guess. It went better than I thought it was going to but it might have been nice if more people I knew attended.

I'm back in Maine now in case you were wondering...

One more thought before I go: I'm currently listening to "No One Knows" by Queens of of the Stone Age. This song was played at every Hartford Wolf Pack game I worked so it reminded me that I discovered this weekend that MSG no longer will run the Civic Center in Hartford meaning technically it's one more employer of mine that no longer exists...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Because I Have Nothing To Say...

You Are Bobby Brainy

Ultra competitive, you will do almost anything to win. From pull ups to pool sharking, you're very talented.
And while everyone is aware of your victories, they still (affectionately) consider you to be a little brat!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I promised myself I would no longer rant about the trivial but, well, maybe I blew that already with the "SpongeBob No-Pants" post so allow me a few moments to ask, what the bloody hell was America thinking voting off Melinda Doolittle? Admittedly, I watched American Idol, only sporadically, as usual frankly, but there were at least three women with talent this year. Only Jordin made it to the final. Melinda was the best by far. Now, maybe the audience figured that Melinda needed less help to get an album out which is definitely true but Blake sucked, OK? I was not impressed by his Maroon 5 or his rapping. And he looks like a boy band reject but that not his fault entirely I'm sure... I also realize only 12 year old girls actually vote on these things and they probably thought he was hot. Whether he can sing or not is irrelevant. This statement is backed up by what constitutes as "popular" in today's music... Was it a slam against Simon and the judges? They all loved her as well. "Oh, Simon liked her. That must mean she sucked..." ::shakes head::

Another sign that society is going down the toilet is that not only did ABC, which oddly has been my favorite broadcast network the last two years or so, commission a pilot based on the lame ass Geico cavemen, they picked up the series! WTF? I liked the campaign in the beginning but it's gone too far as the previous "I saved a boatload of money" campaign did. If ABC wants to do a series on a commercial, base it on the one with Burt Bacarach. ("I hope I don't get hit in the rear again...") Or the Travelocity Gnome. Now, that would rock... ("Oh, grow up!")

Ahem. In other news, I now am running Microsoft Vista. I'm liking the Mah Jong tile game although chess apparently is not my strong suit...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Where to Begin?

My parents came back up this weekend for my grandfather's birthday party but our story starts on Wednesday afternoon when my cousin/roommate, his mother and I were walking downtown for lunch when my cousin's chair basically ejected him. After they spent time in the emergency room, it was determined that his flag stuck in his wheel. His mother also found a chunk of wood stuck in it. He was a bloody mess at the time but had nothing broken and is healing.

Thursday night when I realized the "Glasses" post label would have to be used a second time. Yes, my glasses broke again. I was just sitting there when all of a sudden my lens was in my hand. I took the frames off my face to get a better look at the problem and it turned out that the top part of the "lens hole" that connects to the nose bridge had broken. I think I had those particular frames for a few years so maybe it was time. My aunt, who was there at the time, and I attempted to tape it up. This held maybe two hours when I had to tape it again.

Friday morning, I walked down to the bus stop in the pouring rain to go to the mall. The tape dissolved. Thankfully, my sunglasses are prescription so it wasn't too bad but... Anyway, I get to the mall and try Lenscrafters. One, they didn't have a sauterer so they could fix it. No big deal. What upset me was they wouldn't give me new frames with out a prescription. The lenses are fine. So I just went to the other glasses place. The one that fixed my glasses last time. They didn't have a sauterer either but they were willing to find frames that my lenses would fit in. How hard was that?

In other news, I was able to get my state ID while I was at the mall. Well, actually, I don't physically have it as it's coming in the mail but I will have one soon. This is good as my CT ID will expire later this year. I had two choices of picture. I decided to go with the non-pervert...

Yesterday, we had a birthday party at a local seafood restaurant for my grandfather. They had great fish and chips and the cole slaw rocked. My parents had to home afterwards as they had to work today so I went with my aunt to my grandfather's house for cake.

I came home to watch Time Cop with my cousin and his friend last night. I had never seen it although I had seen the reruns of the TV show on SciFi. Best Jan Claude Van Damme movie I have ever seen although maybe the only one I've actually watched all of...Gloria Reuben, probably best known as the HIV positive doctor on ER, played his partner and had some pretty good martial arts moves herself. I recommend it if you like time travel stories or wonder what Mia Sara's boobs look like...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Four Letter Word Beginning With The Letter "F"

Yes, that was the scenario once when my father was playing the game with some colleagues but now onto this version....

SCATTERGORIES... It's harder than it looks! Use the 1st letter of your first name to answer each of the following. If you can't think of anything, skip it. You can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

Your Name: Josh
Famous Music artist/group: Janet Jackson (Two points!)
3 letter word: Jet
Street name: Johnson Rd
Color: Jaundice
Gifts/present: Jump rope
Vehicle: Jeep
Show: James Bond, Jr.
Country: Japan
Boy Name: James
Girl Name: Jane
Alcoholic drink: Jack Daniels
Occupation: Janitor
Flower: Juniper
Celebrity: Joshua Jackson (Another Two-Pointer!)
Something found in a kitchen: Jars
Reason for Being Late: Jammed door
Something Scary: Jehovah Witnesses
A Feeling: Joy
Animal: Jaguar
Something you shout: Jackass!

I don't know. It didn't seem that hard to me...

Monday, May 07, 2007

The First Movie Review Post Of My New Life

Can you believe it's been 3 months or so since I did one of these kinds of posts? As JRRyan anyway knows, this was pretty much all I wrote about on here.

Anyway, enough chit-chat. On with the review.

I went last night to see Spider-man 3 with my roommate and one of his friends. First off, let me just say the movie rocked. Someone said today online that it was the best Spider-man movie ever which it wasn't. The first is still the best. In fact, they are moving further and further out of sync with the comic with each successive movie but this is an argument no one ever agrees with me it's a problem so I'll let it slide here, to a point.

Official critics have said it has no story. If anything, it has too much story. Including the continuing saga of Mary Jane, there were four storylines. The MJ line could have been matched with any one of the remaining three and you would have had a kick ass movie. Do you want to know something geeky yet fascinating? Adding Gwen Stacy, they had the opportunity to basically go backwards with Peter's love life from the comic except he was dating Felicia Hardy AKA The Black Cat during "the black costume years" but, again, I digress...

Speaking of the black costume, they oddly designed it way more complicated than they really needed it to be as it's a much simpler design that the red and blue costume. They did Venom right (except he needed more tongue) so they knew what the black costume should have looked like. Again, a minor nitpick but a curious one. The fact he took the costume off and put it in a trunk instead of mentally controlling it to turn into normal clothes bothered me more although I do admit I know money was probably an issue there. Except this, if he could just take it off, why did he need the church bells?

What did I like about the movie, specifically? Peter's landlord and his daughter were hilarious as was J. Jonah Jameson. I also liked the casting choices of James Cromwell and Bryce Dallas Howard as the Stacys and Thomas Haden Church as Sandman. Topher Grace didn't suck as Eddie Brock as much as I feared he would. To reiterate, I also liked the storylines. I particularly loved the Aunt May scenes. Though I'm still a little shocked they went in that direction, I loved the resolution of the Harry storyline.

There will be a new trilogy. It'll be interesting to see in the coming months who's involved...

Friday, May 04, 2007

Closer to Fine

Let me tell you something about my life. OK, now ends the Indigo Girls reference...

Tuesday-My parents were visiting for reasons many of you know and the rest probably will eventually, so we did many an errand such as get a new bus pass which I've used quite a lot already and a new cell phone.

Yes, I now have a cell phone for emergency purposes. I am never walking over a mile in a nor'easter again. No way in Hell.

I tried to get a non-driver ID for the state for which I reside but apparently the ID I have doesn't count as proper identification which is very lame indeed. Also, yes, I'm not a minor but "parent or guardian" was on the list and my mother was there. WTF? So now, I need to get my birth certificate out of the safe or get married to get this stupid thing. I probably wouldn't care but the ID I have expires in October which I guess means I won't be able to not drive...

Wednesday, my parents and my grandmother came to see my apartment and then we all went out to the Victoria Mansion here in town. Ironically, it's a Victorian Era- mansion. It was about as interesting as something like that can get.

That night, we, my parents and I, went to a Sea Dogs game with my aunt and my roommate/cousin. It was fun but cold. Especially, when the opposing relief pitcher walked in like three runs and then hit a batter to blow their lead...

This morning was a new adventure despite the fact my parents left Thursday morning. I went for a job interview. The appointment was for 9 in the morning but the last bus to ths particular place until the afternoon was 7:15. Yes, I've been up for over twelve hours already but this story gets better!

So I arrive at 7:45 and read my book. Aside from the Magic Hat #9 beer I had a couple hours ago, reading may have been the best part of my day. I told them at least on three occasions that I didn't type fast. It really wasn't the speed thing she had a problem with, it was the errors which happened when I tried to speed up my typing. Frankly, I'm equally mad at them and myself. I was told to practice and take it again sometime. Maybe I will but not now. The whole thing was done by 10.

Of course, the bus doesn't return until 12:30...I tried to find a bus stop but I was told I was going the wrong direction. I tried three times to find the bus stop he was referring to but I couldn't and my "mountain phobia" was kicking in for some reason so I gave up and read some more while getting some sun. I'm thinking I may have gotten too much but we'll have to see. Anyway, I'm pretty sure the direction I headed for the bus stop would have actually worked but maybe not...
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