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Where to Begin?

My parents came back up this weekend for my grandfather's birthday party but our story starts on Wednesday afternoon when my cousin/roommate, his mother and I were walking downtown for lunch when my cousin's chair basically ejected him. After they spent time in the emergency room, it was determined that his flag stuck in his wheel. His mother also found a chunk of wood stuck in it. He was a bloody mess at the time but had nothing broken and is healing.

Thursday night when I realized the "Glasses" post label would have to be used a second time. Yes, my glasses broke again. I was just sitting there when all of a sudden my lens was in my hand. I took the frames off my face to get a better look at the problem and it turned out that the top part of the "lens hole" that connects to the nose bridge had broken. I think I had those particular frames for a few years so maybe it was time. My aunt, who was there at the time, and I attempted to tape it up. This held maybe two hours when I had to tape it again.

Friday morning, I walked down to the bus stop in the pouring rain to go to the mall. The tape dissolved. Thankfully, my sunglasses are prescription so it wasn't too bad but... Anyway, I get to the mall and try Lenscrafters. One, they didn't have a sauterer so they could fix it. No big deal. What upset me was they wouldn't give me new frames with out a prescription. The lenses are fine. So I just went to the other glasses place. The one that fixed my glasses last time. They didn't have a sauterer either but they were willing to find frames that my lenses would fit in. How hard was that?

In other news, I was able to get my state ID while I was at the mall. Well, actually, I don't physically have it as it's coming in the mail but I will have one soon. This is good as my CT ID will expire later this year. I had two choices of picture. I decided to go with the non-pervert...

Yesterday, we had a birthday party at a local seafood restaurant for my grandfather. They had great fish and chips and the cole slaw rocked. My parents had to home afterwards as they had to work today so I went with my aunt to my grandfather's house for cake.

I came home to watch Time Cop with my cousin and his friend last night. I had never seen it although I had seen the reruns of the TV show on SciFi. Best Jan Claude Van Damme movie I have ever seen although maybe the only one I've actually watched all of...Gloria Reuben, probably best known as the HIV positive doctor on ER, played his partner and had some pretty good martial arts moves herself. I recommend it if you like time travel stories or wonder what Mia Sara's boobs look like...


JRRyan said…
I f-ing hate that Queen of Whores, Sara Mia aka Sloane Peterson.

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