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It's Different Now

I used to live in CT and come up here to Maine to watch movies but now my situation is reversed. It's kind of weird.

I went down to CT for the holiday weekend. I was a good time and I was able to see my kitty so great. Thursday, my father and I rented two movies. That night the three of us watched Night at the Museum. It was a pretty funny movie. I will say, though, that the ending was too stereotypical kid friendly. It was too forced. I will also say that Mickey Rooney made the movie for me, Lunch Box!

Friday morning I watched the other movie we rented. Looking at the cover, it said Mission Impossible III was the best Mission ever. Going in to it, I was thinking "We shall see" but I think now maybe that statement was correct. Here's why, Snack Shack: this edition is the most ensemble of all the movies. Both TV series were ensemble. It was never "The Peter Graves" show. (Heck, Steven Hill was the original star...) The movies, especially the second one, was all Tom Cruise all the time and it pissed me off. III descends into that mode for the last twenty minutes but stays true to the form throughout most of it. Replacing Cruise with the more team player in Brad Pitt in the next one will help this franchise greatly. Giving Ethan a personal life wasn't really like the TV show either but it was like Alias so I can forgive J.J. Abrams and the writers for writing what they know. Can you believe that for all the stunts and effects, the one I liked best was the disposable camera mission briefing?

Friday night, we went out to the movies because my mother wanted to Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End. I have never seen so many teenagers in one place since I was one. I was very worried we'd have teenage girls getting up every twenty minutes to use the bathroom and teenage boys making lewd comments about what was going on but they all behaved themselves. (There was wolf whistles when Will and Elizabeth made out but what can you do?) To me, the movie was very slow in going when it started but once Johnny appeared the movie's pacing got much better. He was hilarious. I would be remiss to not mention the cameo by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards rocked very hard. As my mother pointed out, I don't think he's ever looked so good... What they did with the Elizabeth Swan character was totally awesome and if they insist on doing more films, as Jerry Bruckheimer recently suggested they would, I want more of that and not just because it's Keira Knightly but that certainly is a plus... This brings up something that occurred to me while watching the movie: Women have both Johnny and Orlando to gaze at but all we have is Keira considering Naomi Harris is nauserating to look at in these movies. It doesn't seem all that fair...

Saturday morning, I was conned into helping my father sell hot dogs at our church tag sale. It wasn't too bad in itself but now that everyone knows my father is leaving for a different church I had more people tell me how they'll miss him. Of course they will!

Saturday afternoon, we went to a house warming party for a friend of ours which was kind of a going away party for us in a way I guess. It went better than I thought it was going to but it might have been nice if more people I knew attended.

I'm back in Maine now in case you were wondering...

One more thought before I go: I'm currently listening to "No One Knows" by Queens of of the Stone Age. This song was played at every Hartford Wolf Pack game I worked so it reminded me that I discovered this weekend that MSG no longer will run the Civic Center in Hartford meaning technically it's one more employer of mine that no longer exists...


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