Monday, February 23, 2009

My Bologna Has A First Name...

I wasn't impressed with Hugh Jackman's hosting job. Will Smith was said it best when he implied the guy must be napping. The musical mash-up sucked. It had no place at the Oscars. That's a Tony thing and even less people watch that awards show so do the math! Letterman's "Oprah/Uma" turd back in the day was more interesting.

The Academy voters seemed particularly lazy this year. Slumdog Millionaire and Benjamin Button were nominated for and pretty much won everything. I haven't seen either movie but come on! Oddly, neither got any nods for acting. Heath Ledgwer's win though deserved was only because he was dead. As Will Smith also pointed out, action movies have the fans get the shaft when it comes to the accolades. Sure many deservedly win Razzies but there have been some awesomely acted superhero flicks in the last few years and yet they're relegated to the dumb technical awards that are blown through in ten minutes.

Finally, what the hell happened to the Best Song category? First they shortened it to three nominees when I could have sworn it was five. I can't tell you every song that was written for the past year's films especially since we're usually talking about the song playing during the closing credits when people walk out of the theater but I'm pretty sure there were more than three to choose from. "The Wrestler" by Bruce Springsteen comes to mind...

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