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Wrestling With Life and Other Issues

In the last week or so, I've watched two completely different movies for two completely different audiences. First, The Spiderwick Chronicles. This movie was clearly trying to cash in on Harry Potter and perhaps even the Narnia movies. This was also based on a book series but instead of just one book per movie so they could legitimately milk it, this movie had plot and storyline from books 1-3 and 5. I really don't understand their reasoning here but, not having actually read the books, I can't complain too much.

As for the movie itself, it pales in comparison to the other series mentioned above. Again, I haven't read the books here where I certainly have in the other two cases so maybe I'm ignorantly bias. While I honestly didn't even notice both of the brothers were played by Freddie Highmore, this role wasn't as good as Charlie never mind the kid, who's name escapes me, in "Finding Neverland." This wasn't mother Mary-Louise Parker's best role either but I suppose you can't have a woman dying of AIDS in a kid's movie...

Seth Rogen was the shit as the hobgoblin Hogsqueal but it's probably good his role wasn't bigger...

On Tuesday, I had some free time so I went down to the the movie theater. The Wrestler was the movie about to start so I went to that. I had very low expectations as it has Academy Award nominations which many times means "boring." I don't even like wrestling and still don't. It amazes me just how much shit these men go through to make the fake look real. It makes you wonder way they don't just fight for real. Twenty years after he was the famous "Randy the Ram", Randy (played convincingly by Mickey Rourke) has a heart attack and is force to face his own mortality and retire. He finds the real world sucks and no one really cares about him as a person. Meanwhile, the woman he wants to settle down with, played awesomely by Academy Award winning actress Marissa Tomei, a stripper which is a profession you also can't do forever but she's in denial. She eventually comes around but is it too little, too late? I don't even know if she's nominated but given that she won for My Cousin Vinnie, she is a serious contender this year...

I feel compelled to end in a completely different direction. When I was in Boston, same sex marriage was a big issue, when I was in Connecticut, it was there. I shared my feelings both times so, now that the issue as come up here to Maine, I want to discuss it again given I have friends on both sides of the issue. Opponents' arguments point to the male and female pronouns found in the bible. The printed form of the bible was first put together when not even gay people were in favor of gay people even existing so this argument really doesn't hold water for me. I honestly do not believe that "the good book" is the actual definitive Word of God as writer bias always will appear. "Liberal media" anybody?

Interestingly, I hear more opponents of this issue actually state they'd be OK with civil unions than I did in the other two state discussions. I find this both fascinating and hopeful.


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