Sunday, March 22, 2009

Research Material?

Yesterday, I went to see the new Julia Roberts/Clive Owen picture Duplicity. Hearing it advertised, I assumed it was a MI-6 agent and a CIA agent having a relationship without revealing their respective allegiances. No, they've actually left their respective agencies and now are supposedly working a corporate espionage scheme for a company when, in reality, they're using the situation to raise enough capital to retire together. While my previous notion of the plot intrigues me more (and, since they didn't use it, I might someday) the movie was very well constructed and acted. If you need your characters to be "likable" and/or "admirable", I don't recommend the movie but if pathological liars and corporate espionage intrigue you on any level, go see it!

Because I always comment when I series ends, I was pleased overall with the end to Battlestar Galactia this past weekend. I was pleased they landed in prehistoric Africa instead of 1980 or 2009 or whatever but I think they wasted a lot of time, especially at the end with pre-fall Caprica stuff. Most of them revealed nothing important. (Adama doesn't like desk jobs! Apollo and Starbuck have always had a thing for each other! The Tighs go together to strip clubs!) Also, while I loved the warning about advances in robotics, the question on how Baltar is still alive 150,000 years later was not adequately explained. Finally, while the revelation that Starbuck was an angel fits with the religious undertones of the series, it just seemed to me to be pull out of thin air because a deadline loomed. I was less satisfied than I was when it was revealed Ellen was the final Cylon...

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