Monday, March 02, 2009

When A Crocodile Eats My Mind.

There was more than one thing I wanted to discuss but I can only think of one thing at the moment. I just finished reading When A Crocodile Eats The Sun by journalist Peter Godwin. Of course not counting Winter Storm and The Bone Garden, this was my favorite book we have read for my book group. I was pretty much alone in this as the general consensus was it was too depressing and badly edited. Makes you wonder what they really thought of mine; although, I freely admit mine was badly edited...

It was an autobiographical view into this white man visiting his parents and past in his native Zimbabwe. Part of the book dealt with his relationship with his father and part dealt with the geopolitical scene in the country. Even I admit that there was probably too much of the latter but I think, overall, it was a good mix.

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