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Controversy Attracts Readers

For reasons that are not really important for complete strangers that stumble upon this blog to know, I discovered that even though my health insurance's billing department has been here in Maine for years, and I've paid for 2 appointments with my PCP and 2 eye appointments (the last of which discovered my recent shunt malfunction incidentally) and a neurosurgeon office with no problems, it's now become a problem I have a Connecticut-based policy.  The problem here is if I need to see a specialist, I can't find out if one is covered by my insurance because the website search engine doesn't accept my Maine zip code. So I requested paperwork to transfer over to a Maine policy.  It seemed like forever for it to come so I called them back to see what's up.  Aside from being a huge corporation (Is it any wonder why I'm anti-Big Business?), I'm pretty sure their phone system was having problems.  Anyway, long story shorter, I get a hold of the right operator and find out it was only send out three days before and to wait 3 more days before panicking. Sigh.

Watched maybe the last 2 and a half to 3 hours of the Oscars this weekend.  Being a Seth McFarland fan, I wasn't sure how far he'd be allowed to push the envelope as he does on his cartoons.  No matter what people say and there were a handful of moments that one wouldn't expect see on a Disney-owned network, I was actually surprised how restrained he was.  Yes, dragging a 9 year old girl into his repertoire is beyond the pale; or the pail perhaps for some.

The comment about Jews and Hollywood was funny and not Anti-Semitic. If Archie Bunker said it, we'd laugh or if the Jeff Dunham puppet Walter said it, we'd laugh. What was funny to me about it was that it was anachronistic but you know damn well that their dumbasses in this country that still this and it was making fun of them; not Jews.  The comment about Salma Hayak, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem and their thick accents is funny because it's true. It's very hard to watch interviews with them without subtitles.

His two funniest moments for me and I love stupid humor was the Von Trapp Family Singer gag (As an aside, Christopher Plummer hasn't already worked with any of those actresses?) and the non-introduction of Meryl Streep. Seriously, why do people say the phrase "needs no introduction" and then go ahead and introduce them anyway?

Seth said going into it it was only one-time thing so please don't be surprised he said on Twitter he'd never do it again. But this leaves the question, who follows that up next year?  Seth succeeded in bringing in the young male.  I can't really think of who else could do that except an action star, that never are nominated for anything except a Razzie, or a wrestler. I'm not sure that would impress the Downton Abbey crowd. There's always a big-boobed actress...

If we, leave the realm of society as we know it and forget about the wants and desires of advertisers, have 2 more suggestions that might attract young men but probably won't.

Wanda Sykes. She's a African American lesbian was frankly the best part of Monster-In-Law and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

Zooey and Emily Deschanel host it together in a sort of Abbot and Costello, Laurel and Hardy kind of thing. Speaking of Emily, this week's Bones dealt with the possibility of time travel.  My cousin and I can't be the only people who think she'd make an awesome Vulcan...


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