Friday, February 15, 2013

The Spy Genre That Me Loves

Finding movies (or sitcoms for that matter but that's better left for another post) on Netflix that look interesting but haven't already seen has been Mission: Impossible lately. Case in point, I re-watched Mission: Impossible III last night. The most recent installment, Ghost Protocol is even more Mission: Imnpossible-y and therefore even better but III is a nice first step. One of the little things I liked about Ghost Protocol was use of the Alias codename "Outrigger." In my third viewing of III, I finally noticed the use of the codename "Phoenix." Also, having watched Maggie Q, who played the "femme fatale" here, in her current role of Nikita, I found myself comparing the two roles.

My cousin and I have contended for years the franchise can work again on TV. It was established in the '80's that there was more than one team simultaneously so the movies would not be affected. Also, it wouldn't have any of the issues other recent "reboots" like Knight Rider or Bionic Woman when they were clearly stressed over making the shows relevant to today's audiences. (Please don't mention Beauty and the Beast in my presence.) as the film franchise has already done it. (Sure, making Jim the villain in the first one killed original cast member Greg Morris but...)

After watching both Star Trek: Nemesis and the most recent Bond film Skyfall, screenwriter John Logan clearly has a knack for giving characters things to do. In Nemesis, the only characters that don't have anything special to do are Crusher and LaForge and the former is still needed because she's the only one who knew Picard as a young man... In Skyfall, M leaves the the office and has an opportunity to kick ass. Q also seemed to have more to do than usual. Who else would you want to write "team concept" movie? Not to mention, like Star Trek, it has Desilu origins.... The clincher for me is this: Logan wrote The Last Samurai which is probably my favorite Tom Cruise movie...

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