Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Blog Post As Promised

1. So for those of you not Facebook friends with me, the shunt malfunctioned again.  The day before my scheduled follow-up with the neurosurgeon,  the incision in my head started to leak cerebral fluid.  The cause was either an infection in my abdomen or the scar tissue build-up had formed  a "reservoir" or "swimming pool" and the system simply backed-up and out my head.  After being the hospital for about 10 days,  I am now back at my parents and feeling pretty well.
2. A couple weeks ago, my parents and  I went to see Paul McCartney's son, James, in Portland. In addition to many of his songs reminding me of his father,  my mother  and I were surprised that many songs sounded a lot like John Lennon including the song "Bluebell" which James wrote about his mother.  I had a good time.
The opening act was Jon Sandler and he was pretty good as well...
3. Star Trek Into Darkness was an awesome movie that I enjoyed more than the last one. Despite the suspicious reference to the Millennium Falcon  turning on it's side, it was more Trek to me.
Of course, the real reason was that they retold  The Wrath of Khan but they did so adding sequel series elements like Section 31 which made it really cool in my opinion.  I honestly feel they had to retell a story to emphasize the different universes but the third one better be an original story...

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