Saturday, September 06, 2014

Political Ad "Opinion Check" (Part 1?)

It's that time of year again where politics are making my head explode so let me unload here. Today, I want to give my opinion on a few ads.

First Up: An ad by the Republican Governor's Association (headed up by Chris Christie who is just as crooked as Rick Perry and that dude from Virginia.

Will Michaud (Notice how these morons mispronounce his name; which seriously hurts their defense against the Mainer's disdain of "People From Away;" if at least 50% of that group don't also vote GOP, I'd be rather shocked...)  The crux of the argument that Michaud gives a shit about immigrants is true. Also, I'm tired of the word "taxpayer." Before my seizure issue of last year and was working, I never exceeded the cap of people who have to file income taxes and those didn't. (Yes, I did have taxes taken from paychecks...) Are you implying I don't contribute to society? Also, this isn't the 18th Century and the poor are allowed to vote as well as people who sympathize with fellow human beings living in countries controlled by murderous gangs.

Here's another more positive ad from the RGA:

My biggest issue with this one is this: a soundbite is a soundbite. We live in an increasingly smaller world where even private conversations have a way of geting out. (Remember Romney's 47% comment?)  LePage's more irritating soundbites have made national news! With this publicity, this will not help Maine's image of backwater hicks. Maybe people think our state's tourism should be people coming from other states  to view us as a frickin' petting zoo. I have a higher opinion of myself and you should as well.

This long form ad (longer than I was planning) from Mike Michaud's campaign says everything about him I need to know:

If you don't work together, you're not going to get things done. LePage has a "my way or the highway" attitude that I can't stand. How anyone can believe his "I'm going to veto everything until you pass the bill I want." stunt with the hospital bill is anything but childish politics I have no idea how your thought process works and I'm a INTP on the Myers-Brigs test...

Next time I'm going to delve into my thoughts on the race for Senate...

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