Friday, November 11, 2016

Strange Times

No, this isn't about the election. I'm not ready to unlease that upon the world just yet.  Instead, allow me to share my thoughts on another fantastic entry into Marvel's cinematic universe.  Doctor Strange was the perfect blend of the tone we are used to and the adding of the supernatural world.

Friends on Facebook may have noticed my comment that the first part of  The Imitation Game  was unexpectedly hilarious due in large part to Benedict Cumberbatch's turn as Alan Turing so it comes as no surprise he's awesome as arrogant neurosurgeon (a redundant phrase in my personal experience.)

Doctor Strange, like Ghost Rider, is really not a character that lends itself to having a love interest but since it's an origin story, it worked here with  fellow surgeon Dr. Christine Palmer. Certainly better than in that movie... I've loved Rachel McAdams since The Family Stone  but I'm sure the character'll just go the route of Thor's Jane Foster and just be a distraction...

I'm curious about how the character of Baron Mordo will progress. The movie seemed to treat the comic villain, but ally here, similarly to Sinestro in the much maligned  Green Lantern  movie. Director Scott Derrickson seemed to suggest he wants Nightmare as the sequel villain so Mordo's fall from grace may be more prolonged? On the other hand,  Avengers: Infinity War will happen before that and it could very well be Thanos that pushes him fully over the edge...

As a comic reader, I knew Strange lives in the Sanctum Sanctorum in Greenwich Village but in thi movie there was one in London and Hong Kong as well. The spacing out of these seem but weird and kind of random. I would go with New York, Rome and somewhere in the Middle East like Jerusalem or even Baghdad...

Oh, and was I the only one that noticed that The Cloak of Levitation basically had the personality of Carpet from Alladdin?     


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