Sunday, July 30, 2006

Cirque Du Poulet

Friday was my church's annual Chicken Barbecue. It was sparsely attended due to the weather and the fact we don't advertise it really in order to not get the attention of the town's health department which would make it more trouble than it's worth. Traditionally it's the least favorite fundraiser of my family as it used to have Flintstone-size pieces of chicken that only a trucker could love but this year they finally went with normal-sized pieces after what seemed like three years of complaints about it. The chicken was good although mine was a bit too dry. (My father felt he's rather sacrifice moistness to not have pinkness. I feel I'd rather risk throwing up for a couple hours to avoid choking to death on a dry piece of chicken but maybe that's just me.) The corn was pretty good for a mass operation but was a bit overcooked as well. The cole slaw and roll, however, was spectacular not to mention the desserts.

Last night, my father and I joined a few church members in a sky box at the Civic Center to see Cirque du Soleil's "Delirium." I worked the executive suite lobby before a few times but this was my first time in one there. (I had been in one at Hadlock Field for a Seadogs game.) I thought it was pretty cool with the Buffalo wings and M&Ms and the seats were very cool indeed.

Some New Age chick named Nitza opened the show. She was pretty good even if you couldn't tell half the time what language she was singing...The show itself I can best describe as a cross between French science fiction and James Bond main title themes with a dash of extra gayness. Through most of the show there was this guy suspended from a ball who at one point said, "I'm glad this is a dream because it is really really weird." I have agree. The best part was the hula hoop girl although it reminded me too much of the Letterman "Will It Float?" segment. A guy who looked just like Right Said Fred did some "hooping" after but it wasn't as interesting. Every soften you'd hear this narrator that was very much inspired by the speech from "Nights in White Satin." ("Cold Hearted Orb...") Overall, it was very interesting experience.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oooh, Pretty!

Find your Celestial Choir

The Long in Coming Geek Rant

I went to bed last night after getting a rather huge surprise: I was told a friend is pregnant again. The announcement isn't really that mindblowing given all the facts such as her age etc, but my reaction to it was admittedly overblown. I think if a woman told me she was pregnant with my child I may seriously have a cerebral hemorrhage and die...

This morning I wake up to this not-so-surprising surprise.

Anyway, I went to see My Super Ex-Girlfriend with my father. It was a simple mindless romp that is a great diversion in a place with A/C. It seems like a chick flick but it's such a guy film in reality. No woman I want to know would get more than a chuckle out of this bit of dialogue:

Jenny: I'll buy you a new one.
Matt: A new bed or a new penis?

The ending was terribly clique and the comic book geek in me must ask why the meteor changes hair color and boob size and why the same meteor both giveth and taketh away powers and hair color...

One more thought on the movie: they played Puddle of Mud's "She Hates Me" which seemed very appropo but blurred the "f word". I have no idea why. Would having the word said in a song only once force a different rating? No, I really don't think it would have. Were they doing so it wouldn't have to be done later when this film is broadcast a million times on Comedy Central? I really can't imagine that they thought six year olds would be seeing this movie with dialogue like the above but then parents are stupid and lazy nowadays...

The other day my father bought Tom Petty's new solo CD Highway Companion, his third, for me. This album is pretty good. Surprisingly, The Hartford Courant agrees with me. I personally rank it between Full Moon Fever and Wildflowers in his albums without the Heartbreakers. This album is just him, Mike Campbell, and Jeff Lynne. If they got Bob Dylan to be on it they could have called it a Traveling Wilbury album since Roy and George have passed but alas...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another Movie, Again with Jennifer Aniston.

Why do I keep watching movies with her in it? I have no idea. Sure, I think she's a great actress and pretty to boot ("I think I want to fuck you." she says at one point...) but I can't say I find her any more attractive or talented than many other actresses. Anyway, this film was Derailed also with Clive Owen, Melissa George who plays his wife here but I will always think of her as the evil Lauren from season 3 of Alias and Xzibit of Pimp My Ride. (Why do they always put a plasma-screen TV in the trunk?) This movie had three big twists. In no particular order of occurrence: One was bloody obvious, another should have been obvious for someone like myself who can kick major ass on the new pop culture competition on VH-1 but was still a surprise nonetheless and a third surprise that was genuinely shocking. Given the sometimes excessive violence and inclusion of a severely diabetic daughter, Mother wouldn't have liked this movie but I recommend it to all those not bothered by things like that.

I started a new job today located at a state office putting labels on files. First Shift! I was told to go home an hour and a half later when it was discovered my hand-eye co-ordination disability prevented me from doing the job properly. I will supposedly be paid for a full 4 hours anyway.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Movies and Baseball

This is all I seem to be writing about lately but nothing of import is really going on with me as usual. I can say I was finally paid for the May photocopying with the assurance this will never happen again. We'll see how long that promise lasts when I possibly start a new job on Tuesday.

My mother left for Tennessee on Friday morning so my father and I rented a couple movies she probably wouldn't like. The first was the Woody Allen picture Match Point. It's been awhile, if ever, where I saw a non-funny Allen movie or one he wasn't in. If you like intrigue and really surprise endings, I highly recommend this movie. I do not recommend it, however, if you don't like morally irrehensible people as my mother does not. We didn't expect this going in but we're glad after the fact she didn't see it.

This afternoon, as my father was busy with Korean Partnership stuff, I watched the movie we rented just for my viewing pleasure: Underworld: Evolution. I liked this sequel more than the first one. The backstory on the feud was actually kind of original I think and very interesting. I fully admit I don't read vampire or werewolf fic so I would not be surprised to be found wrong by that statement but let me have my moment. When the movie came out in theaters, at least one movie reviewer couldn't understand what Derek Jacobi was doing in this movie. I thought his role was very cool indeed. Rumor has it that the next film won't have Beckinsale in it which would suck something other than blood. It should be pointed out that her husband basically created the series so that seems unlikely. Now that I've seen this and Aeon Flux, I guess I must now complete the female assassin "trilogy" with Ultraviolet.

Seattle has been a bitch for the Red Sox for at least two seasons now but yesterday really annoyed me listening to the assholes on Fox. Manny isn't and probably never will be a role model for young kids, ok? The fact they think he should be is laughable. Oh and this weekend was the first time I actually saw Kyle Snyder pitch. When I first looked I could have sworn it was Bronson Arroyo...

Friday, July 21, 2006

It Was The Pirate In Me That Stole This Quiz...

I was really in the mood for a quiz so I'm glad I found this and I'm glad I'm not a woman!

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Night of Weirdness

It began when my father, without really consulting my mother and I, decided to rent the new Pink Panther movie. Remember how I said I really didn't know how I felt about serious Steve Martin? Well, I now can say I can take or leave stupid/lame Martin. There were a few parts in this movie where I laughed very hard and there was one scene in particular that was put-the-piece-of-watermelon down funny but over all, I think the funniest part was watching my father's reaction while he read the lyrics of Beyonce's "Check Up On It" off the close captions...

Afterwards I had IM chats with three women. The first was with the woman I last tried to have a serious relationship with, the second was with the woman I had an internet relationship with in college who apparently, as I found out later, was lying about her age and hadn't talked with for about two years and the last one was with the woman I had lunch with over vacation. To get the full effect of how weird it was, you probably needed to be there but maybe you can imagine.

The weirdest part of the night was when I had this dream where I was asked to direct a production of Macbeth. If that wasn't weird enough, this was a continuation of a dream I had either the night before or the night before that where I was just in the production. Has anyone ever in the history of time ever had serial dreaming? Last summer, I remember watching a movie where Demi Moore did but that was a much more complicated thing...

Monday, July 17, 2006

Stargates and State Parks

The Stargate television series are back with new episodes. Stargate SG-1 impressed me at times and depressed me at others. The overall story of Adria is interesting but there were two occurrences in this episode that were not original at all. Yes, I did say that there was nothing original anymore any way but these two things could have been avoided. I refer to Daniel being presumed dead then (Surprise, surprise.) being found alive on the enemy vessel. How many times has this happened over the ten years? Many many times and it's always Daniel or Jack... Also, I believe this was the third, or even fourth, time Teal'c was tortured. C'mon people!

Atlantis, on the other hand, rocked! My one complaint is that they consistently find cool Ancient ships and then trash them before they can become a significant part of the show. Why?

Yesterday, after church where I was once again placed in charge of our summer church school program, my parents and I went down to the shore and Harkness Memorial State Park. The shady spot where we placed our blanket was so much better than the oven that is our house. There was No Swimming signs everywhere but, not surprisingly, people were swimming anyway. Whether it was rebellion or illiteracy, the world may never know...

Friday, July 14, 2006

Time to Post

The other night, my parents and I watched the third movie we rented: Proof. It was pretty deep and emotional but very good. Gwyneth Paltrow and Anthony Hopkins are such good actors. I think you'd enjoy the movie best watching it with a mathematician as some of the math humor you won't entirely get yourself so it's better when you can see someone who actually does. What is it with Jake Gyllenhaal and getting older women? Paltrow's character is only a year older but I'm pretty sure she's older than that in real life.

In other news, doing PT, I feel really good about myself. Why am I so unmotivated to exercise if I'm not forced to? As my father points out frequently, I am very good at finding ways to complete a task using the least amount of energy possible like a sloth. (Aren't fathers great for pointing these things out?) Yes, I really can't afford the gym and still have no desire to go to the gym (I'm not a morning person at all) but I'm finding I'm more willing to exercise at home.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Knee Exercises and More Movies

On Monday, I had two appointments. In the morning, I went to the orthotist to see about getting my shoe orthotics replaced. One acts as a leg lift and the other will act as a brace of sorts stopping my right ankle from turning inward. This problem is probably only partially responsible for my frequent knee dislocations but if it even reduces the frequency, it's definitely worth it.

In the afternoon, I went to physical therapy and got several exercises, all some kind of leg lift, to strengthen my knee and other muscles such as my calfs. I do them twice daily. As you might imagine, the morning session yesterday was easier. In addition to exercises at home, I have to go in to see him twice a week.

Yesterday, I saw two movies we rented from Blockbuster. In the afternoon, I watched Aeon Flux which is quite far from The Devil Wears Prada as you'd imagine but I enjoyed that quite well. My problem watching science fiction movies is that I harp on originality a little too much. You really must forget all that because nothing is totally original any more.

In the evening, I watched Shopgirl with the parental units. It was quite good and if Steve Martin can get a novella made into a movie then surely there is hope I can at least get mine published someday. The movie was quite thought provoking. I never considered the hazard of having a cat in the room during sex...Also, I'm not sure I like serious Steve Martin. Martin as the straight man is great but serious? I'm not so sure... I do find it interesting that he had to write the serious role himself to get cast...

A word or two about the All-Star Game before I go: Ozzie should have had Papplebon at least ready to come into the game as Mariano almost blew it. Also, how cool was that when Big Papi, basically unaccustomed to playing first, saved A-Rod from getting an error? Who's Your Papi!?!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Two Reviews

On Friday, my parents and I went to see The Devil Wears Prada. I realized this film was the most chickest chick flick I have ever seen and still really enjoyed it. The biggest problem was really when my mother, who had read the book, went on and on afterwards about how different the book was and how the movie didn't have certain characters and subplots all of which would, in my opinion made the movie like 4 hours. Also the gay characters were apparently super stereotypically gay in the book which I hypothesized was changed to curb protest. Speaking of whom, Nigel was one of my favorite characters. I also loved Emily. I don't know if I've lived here in Snootyville too long but I realize I'm getting to be very much like them...Meryl Streep reminded me a lot of her character in The Manchurian Candidate although this time she just killed people's careers not actual people...

The other day, maybe also Friday, I finished reading Book 5 in The Chronicles of Narnia series. A Horse and his Boy was probably my second least favorite book so far as really only Prince Caspian was worse. It moved very slow and the surprise ending isn't really that much of a surprise unless you're a complete moron. Two more books to go...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Did Actually Read During Vacation As Well

Over vacation I read Orion's Hounds by Christopher L. Bennett which is the latest installment of the Titan series. I liked this book much better than the first two books in the series. The plot, with reappearances by the "Starjellies" and Crystalline Entities, was better and the character interaction and dialogue was more interesting than the first two books of the series. One of the problems with the first two books was that the authors seemed to fill the books by creating new alien species each more fantastic than the last then when they ran out of ideas they said this character is human but gay! This book didn't bother with that instead fleshing out many of the characters already introduced. I also liked how Alyssa Ogawa didn't appear at all so I didn't have to be reminded of the misuse of her character in this series! This book almost made me like Tuvok. That's a fantastic feat!

I saw the orthopedist today and am out of the immobilizer. I need to have physical therapy for a month but that's ok. I may possibly have surgery to strengthen the knee. It would reduce the likelihood of another dislocation from 100% likely to 20% likely so I'm leaning towards doing it. I'm getting so tired of going through this...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why Am I Busier On Vacation?

Thursday June 22nd-I'm carrying my laundry down the stairs and my knee, the left one, decides it had been in place for two and a half years and that was enough. Thankfully, my father had returned from Maine so he was here to call the paramedics. I think this was the farthest my knee went over since the very first time in 7th grade. Anyway, it's still immobilized and I see the doctor tomorrow.

Friday June 23rd-My father and I stay for the night at my aunt's in New Hampshire before going to Maine to the woods. I'm the cool cousin now apparently but more on that later. We watched The New World with Colin Farrell who did a very good job I think. My aunt was busy putting my cousin to bed and my uncle slept through the whole thing but my father and I enjoyed it for the most part. My only complaint was that they dragged it out in a few places for artistic reasons, I think.

Sunday June 25th-I come out of the woods briefly to meet my date at the food court at the Maine Mall. It started off great when I spilled my chicken teriyaki right in front of the kiosk and Danielle helped me clean it up. (Thanks by the way!) I obviously can't speak for her but I had a really good time. We seem to have much in common. No warning flags came up for me as on my last date so this is good.

Tuesday June 27th-My parents and I went to see Nacho Libre at a cinema pub in town. The movie was pretty good but not as good as I thought it would be considering how good School of Rock and The Good Girl was but Mike White apparently only co-wrote this with the guys from Napoleon Dynamite, a movie I could take or leave. "Mmm! Good toast!"

Wednesday June 28th-We go over to a cousin's for dinner and to watch the Sox-Mets game on their plasma screen TV. It wasn't on a HD channel but it was still cool especially since my dad and I had gone all that time listening to the games on the radio.

Thursday June 29th-I go to see Superman Returns downtown Portland with another cousin and his "posse." In hindsight, I think I should've hobbled down the street slower. I may have pushed myself a bit too much but the movie was definitely worth it. Best Superman film I've ever seen. Kevin Spacey was awesome as Lex Luthor. I love the fact they kept in step with the first two films except bringing Martha Kent back from the dead which is closer to the comic anyway. I'm curious where they'll go from here. I do hope they have a different villain and not just Luthor in every movie. I didn't know Parker Posey was in it. As you reader's know, I so love her.

Saturday July 1st- We went back to NH and stayed through to until yesterday. Except for a couple times when the neighbor kids invited him over my little 7 year old cousin clung to me like a leech. Also, I had forgotten just how incredibly boring the History Channel is. Do I need to see the history of pizza or donuts? No, I do not. On the bright side, we ate very well and it was interesting seeing the local fireworks display from the boat.
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