Monday, January 22, 2007


Recently, I finished reading Michael Crichton's Next. While I thought his last book, State of Fear, was at least one of his best books, this has to be counted as one of his worst. The major problem with this book was there really wasn't one, or two even, central storylines and I think this really hurt him. Now if he just structured the book as a collection of short stories, it might have turned out better. I loved the the stories of Dave the transgenic chimp and Gerard the transgenic parrot (Although Gerard's storyline could have ended better.) but the rest of the plotlines were rather hohum.

I now officially done with orthopedists and have been medically cleared for my move. Unless my physical therapist has other ideas, I'll be done with PT this week. Woo Hoo!

In sports, I point my "Evil Monkey" finger at those darn Patriots. They had the Colts on the ropes and couldn't close the door. I know they had some injuries and the Colt offense is a good one but the Chargers are a better team and they were stopped so WTF?

I end with some current events: The media seems to claim that Hillary Clinton has the female vote sewn up but I'm pretty sure they misinterpret feminist thought processes. Yes, they'd love a woman in power but they'd be upset she didn't kick her husband to the curb for his womanizing. Another factor to consider, if the so- called "Women Vote" is all that powerful the Mondale-Ferraro ticket would have won more than Minnesota in '84. Clearly, they still wouldn't have won but...

What are my thoughts on Hillary? I personally don't think a candidate's personal life has anything to do with their presidential qualifications. I thought the country's reaction to Bill's misdeeds was overblown and Hillary's reaction to it shouldn't be either. Gerald Ford stood by his wife when her addictions where revealed and he was applauded. Shouldn't Hillary be given the same courtesy? Besides, she's the best candidate the Democrats have. It seems the country is done with Republicans. McCain had a shot but supporting the troop surge was hugely misguided on his part.

Speaking of the troop surge, I leave you dear readers with this.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you. But, what about Obama? He isn't as known as Hilary, but I like him. I like Hilary too, but what I'd really like is for it to be 2008 already!

~your cousin

Likestrek said...

I like him as well. I think that is less well known and has less foreign policy experience are his biggest problems. He will probably play better in the Midwest than Hillary given that he seemingly has no baggage, never supported the war in the first place, and has Oprah's endorsement... The dream ticket would be him sharing it with Hillary but I doubt the country is ready for that...

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