Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nothing Of Too Much Import.

My parents, having finished up their jobs but not their packing, came up to visit yesterday into today. My mother wanted to pick up a new cell phone so perspective churches could get ahold of her so we three went to the mall for lunch.

Last night, my aunt had tickets for a Seadogs game to make up for the one that was rained out so the six of us (including her co-worker and my parents) went. Despite their closer or whomever that was in the 9th inning blowing the game by giving up 5 runs. It was an awesome time. The best part I think was when they played "Sweet Caroline" and everyone in the stadium sang along although their were many other classic moments.(Speaking of sports, Curt Schilling stunk the other day. Surprise surprise.)

Before the 'rents headed back to resume packing, my father picked me up at work today and took me to my grandmother's for lunch. And, yay, my cousin had gone home yesterday! Woo Hoo!

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