Saturday, June 07, 2008

Book, CD, But No Movie

Recently, I finished an "autobiography" of sorts. I read John DeLancie's I,Q, written with Peter David. To me, it was as if Dave Barry wrote a Star Trek book. This was easily the funniest book of the genre I have ever read and I enjoyed it immensely.

On Thursday, I went out to one of the few nearby towns on the busline to a job interview. Because the street, I was told to get off at wasn't clearly marked, I missed my stop and took a tour of the town. But the interview itself was fairly laid back and we spend awhile discussing my book. (They wanted me to know they already ordered a copy.) The director mentioned she thought she'd read a review somewhere either in the big city paper or one of the local weeklies. I was flabbergasted but I think now she was mistaken. (Sidenote: one of the weekly publications she thought she might have seen it in not-so-coincidently told me today they haven't but want to!)

Due to some shit that went down after I came home from the interview, I was pretty bummed out so today, I went to leave a copy of my book at the local Borders to see if they want to at least put my book on the shelf and picked up Jewel's new CD, Perfectly Clear for an awesome price. It was billed as a "Country album" but only the last three songs or so really are more country than I'm used to from Jewel and even those aren't really bad. I would say "'Til It Feels Like Cheating" is the "most Country" and she didn't even write it! I loved how she even sings "more Country" than usual. If you like Jewel a lot and country at least a little, you definitely should pick this album up. She even yodels a waltz!

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