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Living Up To The Title

I apologize to my readers who have been short changed on blog posts from me but there has really been nothing worth talking about. In the past, I filled this blog up with TV episode reviews. I basically did this because in grad school and, living at home with my parents, I really had no one to discuss what I was watching with. Moving in here with my cousin has given me someone to discuss this with so I don't feel the need to discuss it here.

With that purpose gone, that leaves reviews of movies, books, and CDs. I have seen a movie in about a month. I can only read just so fast so I can't crank out book reviews. Reviews of CDs depend on artists I like putting them out as well as having the money to buy them. Living on my own, I obviously have more important expenses.

I could discuss my job situation. Simply put, I enjoy my volunteer job considerably but except for a "developing development" that I can't discuss right now, this isn't likely to lead to anything paying any time soon. The most promising new position open in the library world is at my alma mater which as some of you know, is in the middle of nowhere and this isn't good if you don't drive...

Aside from waitresses whose job is to show interest in you, I don't have any hint of prospects in the relationship/dating department so even though really only two readers may care about it, I can't talk about what doesn't exist. Not that I realistically could afford it anyway...

I don't really have interest in turning this blog into a "sports blog" so that's really out except for the occasional tidbit. In that vein, I will discuss my thoughts on the Olympics. To me, for the most part, the most interesting coverage was during the day on cable where you got to experience different sports like handball and volleyball both team and beach and different countries. I also enjoy that it wasn't biased towards the Americans because that isn't what the Olympics are all about. It was cool seeing both the men's and women's basketball teams.

Sadly, I really wanted to watch softball and didn't get the chance. (New Sox player Jason Bay's sister played for the Canadian team.) I can understand them dumping baseball from the roster as it's not really played around the world and our professional players are too busy with their "day job" to participate but this softball competition is all women get to show their stuff as professional softball has never really taken off. If there wasn't other competitions for women at the Games, it would smack of sexism; perhaps it still does.

While I'm in commentary mode, here are my thoughts of Barack Obama choosing Joe Biden has his running mate. Aside from his politics, I will not vote for McCain because of endorsements from Joe Lieberman and pitcher Curt Schilling; two people who don't know when to shut the hell up. Biden falls into this category. I still can't get over the fact he's on the ticket even after he called Obama "clean and articulate" implying African-Americans generally aren't. As far as foreign policy goes, he's probably a good choice but Delaware isn't a battleground state so the choice will make an interesting race in the next few months.

Who would I have picked?

1. Kathleen Sibelius. She's a woman and governor of Kansas which is traditionally a Red State. She wouldn't help on foreign policy but US relations with the rest of world could hardly get any worse...

2. Chris Dodd. Brings experience, knows when to shut up and would set up an awesome match up if McCain goes out of the box and picks fellow Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman.

Alas, Obama didn't ask me what I thought, did he?


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