Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Can't Believe Chirstian Bale Actually Said "I'll Be Back..."

The movie reviewing continues this episode with Terminator Salvation. I've said this before, twice, and I'll say it again: the acting was way better than I was expecting. Christian Bale was great as the finally adult John Connor. Sam Worthington was awesome as was Bryce Dallas Howard who was somehow in a smaller role yet way more interesting as Kate than Claire Danes' more-involved version in T3. I never thought Danes was was a terrible actress by any means so it was either script or direction. (Um, wait. Didn't McG direct this one?) Moon Bloodgood (No, not Moon Zappa. Where is she now anyway?), from the kick-ass, yet tragically short-lived, Journeyman, had an oddly bigger role in the movie than Howard and it was not wasted in my opinion. One more casting point: Anton Yelchin, whom I just saw in Star Trek as the re-imagined Pavel Chekhov, was more convincing to me as the re-imagined Kyle Reece. One could rightly argue the latter role isn't nearly as iconic so the pressure was off... (Hear that sound? That's Terminator fanboys leaving the page...)

The story of how John, Marcus and Kyle's destinies intertwine was very well thought out. My one nitpick was my problem with every guy-oriented action flick. The first half really had something exploding or somebody getting attacked every ten minutes. As the story got going, the action sequences were "more realistic" but to me it was like "I don't know what to do now. Let's blow something up."

In other news, I got to the contract phase with literary agency and decided to just do some research on the company before I paid 89 bucks to have a company they supposedly referred me to but in reality was really just still them...Oh I guess I just said what I found out...Anyway, I compiled a list of six other agencies to try; five of which are major well-known firms; I decided to try the smaller one first and that was only after I could find only positive reviews about them. So I'm back to the query phase... Wish me luck!

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