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I Can't Think Of A Title

Last Sunday, and I can't believe I didn't post about this, I went to a workshop on energy conservation tips for church congregations. A 3-hour workshop. May energy was sapped after that...I'm glad I went though. My friend needed the moral support from her friends and I was the only one to show up. The presenter of the PowerPoint (Yeah, that's how Firefox wants to spell it...) reminded me of my uncle but a bit more of a snob know-it-all. I think he was probably a lax Catholic as he seemed to suggest we're all about the building and not spiritual matters. After that and a Q&A, they decided a tour would be a good idea though it was held at my church so I declined. They also asked if I wanted to be a part of their board. Um, no...

Not that I really could afford to but it was a nice day so I walked do to the Old Port and bought a couple CDs at ye olde local music shoppe. I was really looking for a good deal on the Pretenders new one as even Amazon is selling it at a way high price. (I seem to recall didn't work either but I think that was an availability issue.) Anyway, after I saw Bob Dylan's new Together Through Life on sale, I went looking for the CD and didn't find it there either but did find Springsteen's new Working on a Dream.

Though I can't say I have a favorite tune on Together Through Life, I find it more consistently likable than Modern Times which has my current favorite "Working Man Blues #2" on it. Of course, this album is all love songs where the other is a smattering on several themes.

Working on a Dream's two best songs are the first one "Outlaw Pete" and the bonus "The Wrestler." I still have no idea why the latter wasn't even nominated for best Song at the Oscars... (I had a guy at church just this morning tell me I should see Slumdog...) "Queen of the Supermarket" and the title track are also kind of catchy in a frankly surprising way. I can't really say I like the album as well as the last one but it's by no means the worst Springsteen album and maybe not even the worst album done with the E Street Band...

Last night, I saw three members of the usually five-piece Kevin Roper Project at a local cafe/bar. (I went to high school with the drummer.) I thought they were good but he said they were much more mellow than usual. I enjoy living downtown and being able to catch live music. Totally cool.

I close with a rant against bitchers. Red Sox color commentator Jerry Remy has been really ill. Commenters on the article from the Globe took the time to bitch how bad he is as an analyst. There are people would rather have him analyze every damn play than discuss his hilarious experiences with the hotel or restaurant; something, I will point out, he only does when nothing is actually happening during the game. I personally love it when he does that. I'm watching the damn game and they show a replay if I missed it anyway. I don't need to be told what I'm seeing. That's what the optic nerve is for. TV is not made for blind people. And...Jerry is less biased on a Red Sox-biased telecast that Joe and Tim. And...he's less condescending to viewers than really any of the ESPN commentators. Or YES commentators but, well, never mind... My point is...Shut up.


JRRyan said…
yeah that's gotta be great to be able to drop in on local stuff in a city...also, I am 100% with you on the sick dude, even though I don't know anything about him personally, you made some excellent points that proves logic is on your side and win!

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