Friday, May 15, 2009

To Boldly Go Where No Quiet Geek Has Gone Before!

JJ Abrams has taken the mantle of God, if you will, from Rick Berman. Starting with Alias, I can't think of anything that guy has done that hasn't totally rocked. (Didn't watch Felicity and don't want really want to...)

His vision for the new Star Trek universe is scary cool. Almost every nitpick I may have had was wiped out from the opening scene. Every review I read say the same thing about the casting: Eerily close but slightly different. I agree with this assessment. Exact quotes were even used.

Abrams said, probably more than once, that he wanted Star Trek to be more like Star Wars . So, he blew up Alderaan. I don't think I would have had the balls to obliterate the planet they did but, reading interviews with writers Kurtzman and Orci, I understand why they did. They wanted to show that this universe isn't the one we know and love.

Because I can't do a review without nitpicks, here they are: Kirk's older brother's part apparently ended up on the cutting room floor with out even a mention. Lame. Secondly, the bridge was way too busy. No Enterprise bridge of any series or movie has had so many stations they needed so many extras...

For my book group I finished Sundays in America by Suzanne Strempek Shea. A reporter's journey through various churches of various Protestant denominations in various places of the country. Overall it was good as she held the same values and politics I do. (If she didn't this would have been a very tough read.) I found it too close. She visited the Shaker community in New Gloucester, ME. I knew them well and ate many a meal with them. They even gave me Christmas presents. Later, she was at another church here in Portland when the story of a college classmate dying on a mission trip hit. Being brought up by two ministers, I've had the opportunity to visit people of different faiths; Non-Christian at that.

I also felt the churches she ended up by accident were more interesting stories to me. The ones she planned were too obvious. (Obama's Trinity UCC? Really?) I mean she went to all the megachurches and churches started by Jimmy Carter and Al Green...Lazy.

I did learn somethings. For instance, I didn't know Unitarianism was started in Transylvania. (I'm guessing vampires which explains much...) I recommend the book for anyone who basically isn't me...

I have two pieces of news. A university in the Baltimore area put the call out recently for a Communications Librarian. That's right. A position that would use both my degrees. They've acknowledged my application but that's it so far.

I finished another book and, in an effort to get this book more respect, I'm in talks with a literary agency. At the moment, they are reading the manuscript to see if they want to represent it. I'll keep you all posted on both fronts.

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