Monday, September 06, 2010

Eat. Pray. Love. Eat Some More.

Before and during my vacation up to see the 'rents, I saw three movies but I decided to focus here on the one still in theaters. Eat. Pray. Love. begins Julia Roberts leaving her boring marriage. Really, why did she think it would work? She was a CIA Agent and he was mole planted at the IMF by an arms dealer. Then she falls for The Green Goblin; who, frankly, was too young for her.

She decides to travel the world and eat. A lot. In India, this Texan who supposedly looked like James Taylor but reminded me more of the pedophile/killer from the Lovely Bones, (No, it was actually the father/stepfather from Step-Brothers interestingly enough which I apparently didn't review...) nicknamed her "Groceries" because of this. One of my favorite parts...

After Italy and India, and the eating and the praying, she returns to Indonesia where she meets Real Life Mr. Penelope Cruz. (I apologize I've never seen any of his acting before therefore no better links.)

I've seen much worse movies but this is one "chick flick" that was too "chick flicky" for me...

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