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Primary Thoughts

I have been eligible to vote for about 17 and half years. This is the first year I can remember, living and in two states where a lot of stuff actually happened during the primary elections.  This is the current state of affairs in this country of ours.  Sure, incumbents moving on to other things or retiring leaving seats open has always happened and are one thing but this year, people are turning on the incumbents. Oddly, in offices as in innocuous as county sheriff.

Here in Cumberland County, Maine, the democrat Kevin Joyce had two incidents at the jail where where prisoners sneaked into the other part to "get to know" another prisoner better. This seemed to be challenger Mark Edes entire reason for running. (The fact, to me, that security is a Republican issue yet there isn't one running speaks a volume or two about my county.) I admit I voted for Edes since if he felt he could do a better job might as well give him a shot. To be clear, I have no problem with Joyce and am not disappointed at all he pulled it out.

I don't live in the 2nd Congressional District but why would that stop me from commenting? Democratic incumbent Mike Michaud decided to run for Governor this year so this left his seat.  I am so glad I do not live in this district as, judging just by the primaries, this race to November will be ugly. Democrat Emily Cain, though claiming she's known for reaching across the aisle seems straight forward party line (including Obama/Clinton hand-motions). On the other side, Bruce Poliquin's ads, admittedly aimed at Republicans, imply he's 2/3 of a Warren Zevon song; specifically guns and money. I'm curious to see how they try to bridge the gap.

Back in town, we had to decide on a proposed ordinance change to create a commission to oversee possible sale of open space within city limits.  This started when the Eastland hotel wanted to buy the adjacent and frankly crappy Congress Square Park. More "activist-minded" residents, spoke out. The city should not have license to do that without proper authority which, on the surface, makes a lot of sense. (Except for why do we elect them at all if we don't trust them with city business? Keep in mind, the council already can't touch the "real parks" such as Deering Oaks. Anyway, the measure passed. Hopefully, a new offer to revitalize the space so that attracts more than the homeless and skateboarders (Even though there are actual signs that say no loitering or skateboarding...) can still be possible.   (I will say though, what does one do in a park if you can't loiter?)           



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