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Something For Everyone?

1. Took the cat to the vets for nail trim. Paid $20! For 5 minutes of work! (Those against raising the minimum wage, don't comment. The tech won't see much if any of that money so the argument is beyond moronic.) Officially, I have a roommate who's never here and has a severe cat allergy anyway. Also, it takes my aunt coming over just to get him the carrier so doing it at home isn't an option. Plus, he's at least 11 years old and isn't as cooperative as he was when he arrived at age 8; which was hardly at all anyway. The point is, if I ever could do it at home I certainly can't now.  This is the second issue I've had with this local clinic. A few years ago, they stopped stocking the cat's medicine in a form he'd actually take due to lack of popularity. (Those who know me know how I hate this explanation...) To their credit, the first time (first 2 times actually) I brought Amos in after my medical issues of last year, they actually asked how I was doing...

2. Remember I did a whole blog post on Antman? Well, recently it was announced the equally derided character at rival DC comics, Aquaman will be in the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and then the follow-up Justice League. Both members are founding members of he premiere teams Avengers and Justice League.  Antman's 4 appearances in cartoon form showed him to be an arrogant jerk to be sure but taken seriously. On the hand, Aquaman, in one episode of Super Friends pulled a fourth of of a billion ton asteroid with a scooter.  Anyway, I find it amusing...

3. Last night, the city council voted for a 5 cent "bag tax" for when you don't bring reusable bags with you. The law also requires places to stop using Styrofoam. I certainly don't have a problem with the second point but I do question the the first part. Currently, I use plastic bags to scoop out the litter box and line the wastebaskets.  How do people who are against paper and plastic bags dispose of cat poop? Do they create a pocket dimension like Green Lantern to put it in?


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