Tuesday, May 25, 2004


I was going to wait and review the last three Enterprise episodes all at once but then this week's impressed me greatly so here I am. The Reptiles kidnapping Hoshi last week was very cool. I know I've said this on numerous occasions but I really like how they are giving her stuff to do this season. This week's special effects rocked and it isn't even the season finale. I loved seeing the ships being torn apart by the anomalies. Ah, the Insectoids realize the truth. Of course the Guardians tipped their hand before they did but still a good thing nonetheless. A bit of trivia before I move on: though the episode was very DS9, it was directed by Robert Duncan McNeill...

The local ABC affiliate did it again for the second year in a row. They interrupted the season finale of Alias. Vaughn has Lauren strung up and was threatening to kill her then the weather guy comes on and says a tornado will hit Lady Vader's town any minute. I admit I was momentarily concerned. This warning was pulled five minutes later. When we return we see Lauren visiting Sark in prison. Did Vaughn change his mind and just take her into custody? It turned out to be Syd in disguise. Then they show Vaughn in the hospital with a punctured lung. Apparently, Katya stabbed him. We'll probably never know why now...Now, my frustration with ABC as a network: You're going to make us wait until January to find out the significance of the last scene? Argh!!! (I know 24 is not starting their next season until January either but they aren't ending tonight with a cliffhanger...) "The fans deserve consecutive episodes." Yes, we do. The show would have done fine up against the Grammys and who cares about Super Millionaire anyway? And why pick Sunday to show that special Harry Potter thing? When will networks stop looking at ratings and listen to what the true fans want? (Somewhat rhetorical question.)

Sunday, May 23, 2004

More Cow Bell!

Smallville's season finale was fabulous!!! I can't believe Chloe's dead. (Well, the Witness Protection house blew up a second after she entered...) The writers were showing some talent with that twist but especially with the Kara angle. They knew viewers like myself would immediately think "Supergirl" when she appeared and then they took that away from us by revealing the truth: She was just a pawn in Jor-El's game. I knew something was up when she was acting rather "incestuous" around Clark. Jonathan may also be dead. he didn't look one bit well at the end of the episode. (Neither did Lex but you know he won't die.) I echo Deuce's comment: Clark is a bonehead for letting Lana go but you know she'll be back for Chloe's and possibly Jonathan's funerals.

The WB are a bunch of assholes. They cancel Angel because "the reruns didn't play well" and then have the gall to thank the show for five great years and say how they'll be missed. WTF? They also could have spared two hours so they wouldn't have to cram two hours of plot into only one. Angel and company took on the Circle of the Black Thorn who are the coporeal representatives of the Senior Partners. Before they did so they tried to tie up some loose ends. Angel met with Connor who reveals he has both his real memories of last season and the fake ones planted in his head. Gunn says goodbye to Ann who runs the shelter his old gang hangs out at. (She appeared on Buffy too.) His old gang wasn't there. Illyria offered to change in Fred for Wesley but he declined. The gang split up to take on the members individually with Lindsey teaming up with Lorne who told the gang that after it was over he was leaving. (Angel apparently charged him with killing Lindsey as well.) Things seem to go well more or less. Wesley dies before completing his part of the mission but Illyria appears just before he dies and asks if she can "lie to him" meaning turn into Fred and he says "that would be nice." After he dies, she flash-fries the demon. Meanwhile, Gunn takes on several vamps by himself and escapes. Spike takes on a whole demon cult and doesn't seem to have much of a problem. Meanwhile, it turns out Angel had poisoned his charge earlier in the day when the Circle made him sign away his chance to "to become a real boy" as Spike likes to refer to it. This is a good thing because apparently, Harmony was seduced by Hamilton into revealing the plan and he confronts Angel. He came close to killing him but Connor appears and father and son finish him off. Angel then tells him to go after the building starts to crumble. The show ends with what's left of the gang meeting in the street to take on a huge dragon sent by the Senior Partners.

Monday, May 17, 2004

I Hate Dial-Up!

Hmm where do I begin? I did go to the Sox game Tuesday. The only game of that series they actually won. Pedro certainly pitched better than he did yesterday.

Smallville last week was so good, I really don't have much to say. Pete's gone and Lionel was arrested. I'm hearing death row... Because of Pete's leaving Clark was reluctant to tell Lana the truth but he will lose her if he doesn't...

Anybody who really thought Angel had been corrupted by power isn't a regular watcher of the show but the episode totally rocked nonetheless.

The season finale of Charmed was fairly intriguing but several comments must be made. Why did no one comment that Sigmund was gone? Why is evil synonymous with '80's punk? To get Leo angry enough, I suppose the death of adult Chris was necessary even though it means nothing when you think about it. The way the doors closed on Leo, complete with goofy smile, suggests he's gone from the show as well but he clearly burned bridges with the Elders. I'm thinking they'll put him on trial for killing Gideon and then strip him of his powers and status. This may mean he goes back to being a guy who died 60 years ago...

In case you all care, I've been a little mopey since I came home but I'm feeling good today. Not only have I had time to reflect on the graduation shit but I'm now able to reflect on the aborted attempt at a love life now that I don't see her on a daily basis. Judging by the fact she hasn't replied to my "goodbye" e-mail,(She was working the afternoon I moved out.) it seems she too has similar thoughts...I admit it hurts but this kind of thing has happened to me before...

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Up and Down Day

Finished my internship today. I found it sad in a way. For the most part, I really enjoyed it. True, I wasn't paid and had to get up ridiculously early but I really learned a lot.

Guess who's not graduating on Sunday? Me. My cumulative GPA is 2.926 which is below the required 3.0. Somehow I feared this would happen. At the moment, it doesn't mean I never will graduate. The faculty has to meet to decide my fate. There is a possibility that I may have to just take a tenth course. I'll keep you posted on that.

How'd this happen? Well, besides the fact that I'm just stupid, my mind was distracted by too many things this semester what with my car accident, the crap that followed it and falling in love I'm sure didn't help...

Because of this, I'm not sure I want to go see the Sox tonight. If they were guaranteed a win it'd be an easy decision but...I'm leaning towards going.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Well Done

I am now done in every sense of the word. I gave my presentation today and passed in the Telecommunications assignment.

Apparently, my mother asked me if she could take my spring jacket and I thought she was just referring to my winter jacket. The problem? My cell phone and T Pass were in the pocket. Now, I have to walk down to Kenmore tomorrow morning to get to work because they don't make change at the Fenway stop.

Bought a ticket for tomorrow night's Red Sox game. My seats sound pretty good and Pedro is pitching. (Jury is till out if that's a good thing or not.) So I'll be down in Kenmore more than once. (Unless it rains like it's suppose to and the game is called, damn it.)

Charmed was pretty good last night. Can I stab Phoebe? Why are they trying to make her the hero of the season? Why am I upset by this? (No, really. Why do I care?) Not a Piper-lite episode. (Yay!) Gideon has gone from simply misguided to pure evil. WTF? Is there more to this story or did the writers just want to make it easier for fans to accept he must be vanquished?

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Happy Mother's Day

Last night's Enterprise was very good. It was interesting that they finally made a decision in the Trip/T'Pol/Archer thing. Or did they? Now that they know T'Pol and Trip got married in a possible future, or past I guess it was, will Archer try to change this or will the other two themselves? Time travel brings out questions like this and if the other Enterprise just didn't make it or ceased to exist. They never will know. Here's a question that has nothing to do with time travel: why did T'Pol look so decrepidly old? She would have been only like 170 or so. Yes, Sarek look that old at 203 but he was dying of Bendi Syndrome and we're talking thirty more years in that case anyway. Are they implying that T'Pol's trellium addiction may have affected her that badly as to shorten her life by eighty years or so or did they just go overboard with the makeup?

Saturday, May 08, 2004

Cold Turkey Has Got Me On The Run

This afternoon, I went to see Van Helsing. I liked it. One of the major problems it had was sacrificing story for fabulous special effects ala Episode II but, in my opinion, it wasn't quite on that level of badness in that respect. Yes, there were many cheesy lines but that is sadly what SciFi is now and maybe always was. The acting was really good except for the obvious exceptions of all four vampires: Dracula and his Brides. They were hideously over the top and could have easily been toned down. One review I read criticized that Anna was mortal yet could perform some fabulous moves. I think this power boost is understandable considering her ancestor made a pact with God to kill Dracula . Maybe God gave them a little extra help...

There several people, but one couple sitting next to me in particular, who were very amused by the cheese. I thought the guy would hyperventilate several times. What is wrong with you if you feel compelled to shell out $7.50 for a movie you don't really want to see?

Friday, May 07, 2004

Oooh A Survey.

[ name ]: Joshua
[ nicknames ]: Josh,
[ screen name ]: likestrek
[ birthday ]: Oct. 26, 1977
[ born in ]: State College, PA
[ age ]: 26
[ nationality ]: English, Irish, Scottish, Greek, Maybe Native American.
[ astrological sign ]: Scorpio
[ location ]: For what?
[ eye color ]: blue
[ height ]: 5'11"
[ siblings ]: Nope.
[ pets ]: 1 kitty

[ in the morning I'm]: tired and not usually in a good mood.

[ all i need is ]: Love but money would be nice.
[ love is ]: not easy
[ if i could see one person right now it would be ]: Good question. It depends on what happened with these people when I saw them.
[ i dream about ]: Morphing friends at Korean dinners and my grandfather urging me to tell people I'm not gay...

[ pictured your crush naked? ]: Surprisingly no. What does that mean?
[ actually seen your crush naked? ]: ::shakes head:: nope.
[ been in love? ]: I say twice. Both not mutual.

[ said i love you and meant it? ]: Yes
[ cried when someone died? ]: Yes

[ lied? ]: Yes

[ kicked someone in the nuts? ]: No.
[ stolen anything? ]: Actually, yes.
[ done drugs? ]: Just antihystimines, decongestants, and pain killers.
[ drank? ]: I can't remember the last time I seriously did but yes I have.
[ cheated on someone? ]: You have to actually be in a relationship to cheat...
[ fallen for your best guy friend? ]: ::LOL:: No.
[ been cheated on? ]: See my answer for two questions up.
[ been kissed? ]: The title of a Drew Barrymore movie applies here.
[ done something you regret? ]: I'm sure there's a long list.

[ food? ]: cheese
[ fruit? ]: um...Apricots I guess.
[ candy? ]: Snickers or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
[ color? ]: blue
[ numbers? ]: 18, 26
[ animal? ]: Kitties
[ drink? ]: vodka
[ soda? ]: Sprite
[ book? ]: I'm a librarian, damn it.
[ room? ]: Where my stuff is.
[ habla espanol? ]: Ne peu. (Oh wait, that's French...)
[ color your hair? ]: I never have.
[ write in cursive or print? ]: I print.
[ sleep with stuffed animals? ]: I haven't in years.
[ like cleaning? ]: Even though I scrubbed my floor around 2 this morning, no.
[ have a tattoo? ]: A midget sidekick? No.
[ have any piercings? ]: No.
[ cheat on test/homework? ]: I'm sure I have.
[ drink/smoke? ]: Yes to the first, Hell no to the second.
[ swear a lot? ]: In my head.
[ like watching sunrises or sunset? ]: sunsets because I'm not a morning person.
[ believe in God? ]: Yes, I do.
[ pray? ]: On occasion.
[ go to church? ]: Do you know who my parents are?
[ believe in witches? ]: Yes, I met one online once.
[ have a best friends? ]: Though I'm not sure who it is at the moment, I say yes.
[ like your own handwriting? ]: I prefer to type.


[ obsessive? ]: ::LOL:: yes.
[ able to live without the computer? ]: Given my past and current situations, not very long.
[ bored? ]: I'm doing this survey aren't I?
[ happy? ]: I guess so.
[ missing someone? ]: Maybe more the fantasy of someone.
[ confused? ]: Right now, no.
[ tired? ]: Ugh. I slept 3 hours last night.
[ mad? ]: Angry or crazy? No to the first, perhaps to the second.
[ sleepy? ]: A little. I see you understand the difference between that and tired. Bravo!


[ makes you laugh the most? ]: My father, Corey
[ makes you smile? ]: My parents, my friends
[ gives you a funny feeling when you see them? ]: Friendly matinence guys.
[ gives you advice? ]: My parents, Karen and Naomi.


[ stay on waitin for someone special to IM you? ]: Sadly yes.
[ save aol/aim conversations? ]: Never have, no.
[ wish you were a member of the opposite sex? ]: Sometime I wonder if it would be easier romancewise.


[ you talked to on the phone? ]: An operator at the Commencement Photo place.
[ you hugged? ]: Mom or Dad. I can't remember.
[ you instant messaged? ]: Maybe Karen.
[ instant messaged you? ]: definitely Karen.
[ sent you an e-mail? ]: Dave.
[ you laughed with? ]: Heather and Patty.
[ slept in your bed? ]: Um. Me...
[ you shared a drink with? ]: Shared? I don't remember.
[ you went to the movies with? ]: My father I think.
[ yelled at you? ]: I don't remember.
[ you called? ]: Again, the Commencement Photo woman.
[ you kicked? ]: I don't recall ever kicking someone.
[ you saw? ]: Heather or Patty.


[ the most handsome person you know? ]: I don't know.
[ the weirdest person you know? ]: Tough one.
[ the funniest person you know? ]: I'll go with my father.
[ the loudest person you know? ]: Ferisa
[ the quietest person you know? ]: Probably Me.
[ the sweetest person you know? ]: My mother.
[ the most serious person you know? ] Tuvok
[ your best friend ]: Dave or Corey.
[ the person you hate the most? ]: ::Shrugs:: the assholes on Fox News Channel I guess.
[ the person you see most? ]: Can't say.


[ your most over used phrase on aim? ]: brb
[ the first thing you thought of when you woke up ]: "Fuck."
[ the best name for a butler? ]: Alfred
[ the wussiest sport? ]: Fishing or hunting.
[ song that describes you? ]: Me or situations involving me? If it's me then maybe "Bad Touch" by um I forget but if it's the second then currently "The Reason" by Hoobastank.
[ your best feature? ]: sense of humor?
[ your bedtime? ]: Not early enough.
[ your greatest accomplishment? ]: God willing, getting my masters degree.


[ what is the age you hope to get married? ]: By 48 or I'm packing it in.
[ number and names of kids? ]: 3. Names I'm kicking around are Dresden, Terry, Julia, and Kirk.
[ where do you see yourself at age 20? ]: Sorry can't go back in time...
[ describe your dream wedding? ]: My parents somehow involved and short in length.
[ when and how do you want to die? ]: when life is no longer worth living and painlessly quick.
[ what are you career plans? ]: Librarian, writer, father
[ someplace you like to visit? ]: To quote Prof. Farnsworth: "The toilet."

WHAT ARE YOUR opinions OF THE opposite SEX?

[ best eye color? ]: Not red.
[ best hair color? ]: Not red or non-normal color if I had to be picky.
[ short or long hair? ]: I like it best up so longish.
[ best height? ]: Not taller than me
[ best weight? ]: If you're beachball shaped, you're too fat. If you're translucent, eat something!!!
[ best first date location? ]: Mini-golf and ice cream (Great answer LV!)
[ best first kiss location? ]: As long as I'm involved, who cares!
[ describe your perfect other? ]: I'd rather not attempt that.
[ what do you notice first? ]: Eyes.
[ last person you slow danced with? ]: Probably my mother. How sad is that?
[ last time you went out of state? ]: It could be argued I'm out of state now.
[ last time you were outside? ]: Three and a half hours ago.
[ last time you had a snowball fight? ]: Don't remember
[ last time you were listening to music? ]: five and half hours ago
[ last time you were on the internet? ]: Now
[ last time you ate? ]: 4 hours ago.
[last time you jumped in front of a movin` car? ]: Shut the fuck up.
[ last time you watched TV? ]: now
[ last time you cried? ]: 3 months ago?


[ how many pplsz are on your buddylist? ]: 15
[ what hurts the most, physical or emotional pain? ]: Emotional...it usually lasts longer (Another great answer LV!)
[ have you felt this recently? ]: I think it's who I am.
[ what do you wear to bed? ]: boxers
[ when`s the last time you slept with a stuffed animal? ]: Years ago.
[ have you ever played ouija board? ]: I don't recall.
[ how many rings before you pick up the phone? ]: 2 I guess.
[ how many schools have you gone to? ]: 2 elementary, 1 middle, 1 high, 2 college
[ would you shave your head for $5,ooo? ]: Sure. Why not?

Thursday, May 06, 2004

I Have A Lot More Time For This.


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Get Out The Fork.

I finished my database this afternoon. There are some flaws beyond my control but it's still infinitely better than anything I've done in the class all semester so that's something.

Smallville was fairly good last night. It was almost like Clark had to face a fellow Kryptonian but doesn't encroach on any continuity issues. Nice. I was especially interested in that fact Jor-El used Jonathan's body to heal Clark. I can't wait to find out what's going on with the two of them. I love the Native American analogy to Clark and Lex's future relationship. An interesting touch. I do have a question though: when Holdsclaw set fire to the truck with heat vision, any idiot could tell he was going to do it and Clark had time to stop it. Now, I know doing so would enforce the professor's belief Clark is the deity Naman and it was just a truck but still...

Angel was infinitely better than last week. Angel and Spike are hilarious together. The only thing that would have made it better would have been more Andrew. (Originally that was reportedly going to be Dawn...) Oh and more Darla and Druscilla; clothing optional. ("Will you hold me under the water?") When you're as old as Angel and Spike, you have many enemies that periodically show up after 50 or 100 years. It didn't sound to me the Immortal ever leaves Rome or Europe at any rate so he waited for the Slayer to come to him. If he is indeed immortal, he has time to wait. We may never know or at least not until the TV movies what his motives truly are. Illyria's motives for accessing Fred's memories, or what's left of them, to trick the Burkels were very kind disguised as selfishness which implies to me that Fred is still in there somewhere. Again, we will have wait until a movie to find out for sure.

Lady Vader had a question about Connor. I pretty much answered this question when I reviewed the episode he returned in a couple weeks ago but, to be clear, here goes an explanation. When Angel agreed to take over Wolfram and Hart's LA office, he had two conditions: care for Cordelia and to give Connor the life he deserved that Angel could never give him. Reality was altered with only Angel, and maybe the comatose Cordelia, remembering Connor's existence. Connor meanwhile thought he was a normal boy with a normal family until he we was hit by a car and was able to walk away from it. Meanwhile, Illyria tells Wesley that Fred's memories were altered. He finds the device that housed the real reality and broke it thinking that it would bring Fred back. It didn't but now everyone, or at least Wesley, Illyria, Lorne and Gunn, know what really happened last season. There is some debate if Connor knows but it seems to me and others that he does. He simply chose to go back to his better life. No one knows what his "parents" think or know.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Another Quick Update

I'm in the computer lab. I just took a test in my Telecommunications class. I definitely did better on this test then the last one but then I didn't read an e-mail this morning from a woman just wanting to be friends. The question is though, did I do well enough to pass this class? Basing an entire grade on three tests is very lame indeed but it was somewhat refreshing not to have to write a paper.

Charmed was rather lame and had Aaron Spelling written all over it. Paige conjures a guy because she's horny. Oh yes, she feels put upon, which she should given the current status of her sisters, but that's no excuse to misuse magic. When will the younger sisters especially ever learn? More Piper than last week but we need more! Leo and Chris seem top be making a little progress in healing their relationship. Breaking your son out of jail does that I'd imagine.

Alias was so awesome last night! Vaughn told Jack he didn't handle is problems with violence but torturing Dr. Lee and pretty much blowing an op to go after Lauren seems to suggest otherwise. A question: why did Toni start shooting at Lauren and Sark and why was she given a gun in the first place? Wasn't she just released from CIA custody? Katya seems to have the hots for Jack. This makes me wonder if Irina really loved him...

Sunday, May 02, 2004


I see a light at the end of the tunnel as far as the project's concerned hopefully I'm not just being optimistic. I definitely should skip my morning class tomorrow since doing work is more productive than listening to others do their presentations. I always feel bad about doing that though. That's probably the only way I can be considered "studious" however....

When I turned on the TV last night, they were showing the Red Sox game that had been rained out the night before. (Hail in Texas? WTF?) I was expecting Enterprise. So I went down to do work. At 9pm, I decided to take a break. Good thing I did to because that's when the game ended and Enterprise came on.

What did I think of it? I thought it was very good indeed. The main plot of Archer convincing Degra to join him against the other Xindi, particularly the Reptiles, was very well done. Degra and the Sloth guy were just skeptical enough without being overly obstinate. T'Pol's overly emotional state continued after her experimenting with Trellium D but was not a distraction from more important plot points. I'm still rather amazed as I write this, but, I actually liked Trip in this episode. Too many times he has acted like W but last night he showed another side of himself as he tried to write a letter to the parents of one of his engineers who had been killed recently. I was very impressed.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Time to Blog

I really can't afford to take any time off but I have much to catch you all up on.

Smallville rocked. It's hard to say who exactly is more of a threat to Clark: Lionel or Dr. Garner. I thought it was neat that it turns out Clark's first word was "Lara" which is of course his mother. You knew it was really Lillian who killed Julian but it's highly understandable that Lex would take the fall for it given Lionel's state of mind.

Angel was merely a space filler this week. There had to be an episode where the Illyria situation was more or less resolved but there's only so many ways to do it I think. The other storyline with the demon cult wanting some woman's baby was even less interesting but plays a major role in upcoming episodes. Obviously, Angel is just pretending to give in to the Senior Partners and act like a lawyer but the question is what does he hope to gain by it? Oh, did anybody notice Mercedes McNab was finally added to the opening credits with like three episodes left?

In other news, I've really shot myself in the foot, or another body part, with this database project . I thought it would be good to use real data, or real people's movie collections, as opposed to fake data I made up. I apparently asked the two people who have wall to wall movies in their room because, consequently, I have a shit load of data still to enter, not to mention forms, reports and queries to make all for Thursday night. Did I mention my teacher is expecting more than three "owners?"
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