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I Hate Dial-Up!

Hmm where do I begin? I did go to the Sox game Tuesday. The only game of that series they actually won. Pedro certainly pitched better than he did yesterday.

Smallville last week was so good, I really don't have much to say. Pete's gone and Lionel was arrested. I'm hearing death row... Because of Pete's leaving Clark was reluctant to tell Lana the truth but he will lose her if he doesn't...

Anybody who really thought Angel had been corrupted by power isn't a regular watcher of the show but the episode totally rocked nonetheless.

The season finale of Charmed was fairly intriguing but several comments must be made. Why did no one comment that Sigmund was gone? Why is evil synonymous with '80's punk? To get Leo angry enough, I suppose the death of adult Chris was necessary even though it means nothing when you think about it. The way the doors closed on Leo, complete with goofy smile, suggests he's gone from the show as well but he clearly burned bridges with the Elders. I'm thinking they'll put him on trial for killing Gideon and then strip him of his powers and status. This may mean he goes back to being a guy who died 60 years ago...

In case you all care, I've been a little mopey since I came home but I'm feeling good today. Not only have I had time to reflect on the graduation shit but I'm now able to reflect on the aborted attempt at a love life now that I don't see her on a daily basis. Judging by the fact she hasn't replied to my "goodbye" e-mail,(She was working the afternoon I moved out.) it seems she too has similar thoughts...I admit it hurts but this kind of thing has happened to me before...


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I stopped regularly reading comics  after I graduated college in the early part of the century so I don't know when secret identities became passé but I think this also hurt the franchise. Originally, instead of dropping Thor on his head and giving him amnesia, Odin put him the mortal body of Donald Blake and then Eric Masterson. (Was that a complaint about Ghost Rider? Same concept really...)

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