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More Cow Bell!

Smallville's season finale was fabulous!!! I can't believe Chloe's dead. (Well, the Witness Protection house blew up a second after she entered...) The writers were showing some talent with that twist but especially with the Kara angle. They knew viewers like myself would immediately think "Supergirl" when she appeared and then they took that away from us by revealing the truth: She was just a pawn in Jor-El's game. I knew something was up when she was acting rather "incestuous" around Clark. Jonathan may also be dead. he didn't look one bit well at the end of the episode. (Neither did Lex but you know he won't die.) I echo Deuce's comment: Clark is a bonehead for letting Lana go but you know she'll be back for Chloe's and possibly Jonathan's funerals.

The WB are a bunch of assholes. They cancel Angel because "the reruns didn't play well" and then have the gall to thank the show for five great years and say how they'll be missed. WTF? They also could have spared two hours so they wouldn't have to cram two hours of plot into only one. Angel and company took on the Circle of the Black Thorn who are the coporeal representatives of the Senior Partners. Before they did so they tried to tie up some loose ends. Angel met with Connor who reveals he has both his real memories of last season and the fake ones planted in his head. Gunn says goodbye to Ann who runs the shelter his old gang hangs out at. (She appeared on Buffy too.) His old gang wasn't there. Illyria offered to change in Fred for Wesley but he declined. The gang split up to take on the members individually with Lindsey teaming up with Lorne who told the gang that after it was over he was leaving. (Angel apparently charged him with killing Lindsey as well.) Things seem to go well more or less. Wesley dies before completing his part of the mission but Illyria appears just before he dies and asks if she can "lie to him" meaning turn into Fred and he says "that would be nice." After he dies, she flash-fries the demon. Meanwhile, Gunn takes on several vamps by himself and escapes. Spike takes on a whole demon cult and doesn't seem to have much of a problem. Meanwhile, it turns out Angel had poisoned his charge earlier in the day when the Circle made him sign away his chance to "to become a real boy" as Spike likes to refer to it. This is a good thing because apparently, Harmony was seduced by Hamilton into revealing the plan and he confronts Angel. He came close to killing him but Connor appears and father and son finish him off. Angel then tells him to go after the building starts to crumble. The show ends with what's left of the gang meeting in the street to take on a huge dragon sent by the Senior Partners.


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