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Oooh A Survey.

[ name ]: Joshua
[ nicknames ]: Josh,
[ screen name ]: likestrek
[ birthday ]: Oct. 26, 1977
[ born in ]: State College, PA
[ age ]: 26
[ nationality ]: English, Irish, Scottish, Greek, Maybe Native American.
[ astrological sign ]: Scorpio
[ location ]: For what?
[ eye color ]: blue
[ height ]: 5'11"
[ siblings ]: Nope.
[ pets ]: 1 kitty

[ in the morning I'm]: tired and not usually in a good mood.

[ all i need is ]: Love but money would be nice.
[ love is ]: not easy
[ if i could see one person right now it would be ]: Good question. It depends on what happened with these people when I saw them.
[ i dream about ]: Morphing friends at Korean dinners and my grandfather urging me to tell people I'm not gay...

[ pictured your crush naked? ]: Surprisingly no. What does that mean?
[ actually seen your crush naked? ]: ::shakes head:: nope.
[ been in love? ]: I say twice. Both not mutual.

[ said i love you and meant it? ]: Yes
[ cried when someone died? ]: Yes

[ lied? ]: Yes

[ kicked someone in the nuts? ]: No.
[ stolen anything? ]: Actually, yes.
[ done drugs? ]: Just antihystimines, decongestants, and pain killers.
[ drank? ]: I can't remember the last time I seriously did but yes I have.
[ cheated on someone? ]: You have to actually be in a relationship to cheat...
[ fallen for your best guy friend? ]: ::LOL:: No.
[ been cheated on? ]: See my answer for two questions up.
[ been kissed? ]: The title of a Drew Barrymore movie applies here.
[ done something you regret? ]: I'm sure there's a long list.

[ food? ]: cheese
[ fruit? ]: um...Apricots I guess.
[ candy? ]: Snickers or Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
[ color? ]: blue
[ numbers? ]: 18, 26
[ animal? ]: Kitties
[ drink? ]: vodka
[ soda? ]: Sprite
[ book? ]: I'm a librarian, damn it.
[ room? ]: Where my stuff is.
[ habla espanol? ]: Ne peu. (Oh wait, that's French...)
[ color your hair? ]: I never have.
[ write in cursive or print? ]: I print.
[ sleep with stuffed animals? ]: I haven't in years.
[ like cleaning? ]: Even though I scrubbed my floor around 2 this morning, no.
[ have a tattoo? ]: A midget sidekick? No.
[ have any piercings? ]: No.
[ cheat on test/homework? ]: I'm sure I have.
[ drink/smoke? ]: Yes to the first, Hell no to the second.
[ swear a lot? ]: In my head.
[ like watching sunrises or sunset? ]: sunsets because I'm not a morning person.
[ believe in God? ]: Yes, I do.
[ pray? ]: On occasion.
[ go to church? ]: Do you know who my parents are?
[ believe in witches? ]: Yes, I met one online once.
[ have a best friends? ]: Though I'm not sure who it is at the moment, I say yes.
[ like your own handwriting? ]: I prefer to type.


[ obsessive? ]: ::LOL:: yes.
[ able to live without the computer? ]: Given my past and current situations, not very long.
[ bored? ]: I'm doing this survey aren't I?
[ happy? ]: I guess so.
[ missing someone? ]: Maybe more the fantasy of someone.
[ confused? ]: Right now, no.
[ tired? ]: Ugh. I slept 3 hours last night.
[ mad? ]: Angry or crazy? No to the first, perhaps to the second.
[ sleepy? ]: A little. I see you understand the difference between that and tired. Bravo!


[ makes you laugh the most? ]: My father, Corey
[ makes you smile? ]: My parents, my friends
[ gives you a funny feeling when you see them? ]: Friendly matinence guys.
[ gives you advice? ]: My parents, Karen and Naomi.


[ stay on waitin for someone special to IM you? ]: Sadly yes.
[ save aol/aim conversations? ]: Never have, no.
[ wish you were a member of the opposite sex? ]: Sometime I wonder if it would be easier romancewise.


[ you talked to on the phone? ]: An operator at the Commencement Photo place.
[ you hugged? ]: Mom or Dad. I can't remember.
[ you instant messaged? ]: Maybe Karen.
[ instant messaged you? ]: definitely Karen.
[ sent you an e-mail? ]: Dave.
[ you laughed with? ]: Heather and Patty.
[ slept in your bed? ]: Um. Me...
[ you shared a drink with? ]: Shared? I don't remember.
[ you went to the movies with? ]: My father I think.
[ yelled at you? ]: I don't remember.
[ you called? ]: Again, the Commencement Photo woman.
[ you kicked? ]: I don't recall ever kicking someone.
[ you saw? ]: Heather or Patty.


[ the most handsome person you know? ]: I don't know.
[ the weirdest person you know? ]: Tough one.
[ the funniest person you know? ]: I'll go with my father.
[ the loudest person you know? ]: Ferisa
[ the quietest person you know? ]: Probably Me.
[ the sweetest person you know? ]: My mother.
[ the most serious person you know? ] Tuvok
[ your best friend ]: Dave or Corey.
[ the person you hate the most? ]: ::Shrugs:: the assholes on Fox News Channel I guess.
[ the person you see most? ]: Can't say.


[ your most over used phrase on aim? ]: brb
[ the first thing you thought of when you woke up ]: "Fuck."
[ the best name for a butler? ]: Alfred
[ the wussiest sport? ]: Fishing or hunting.
[ song that describes you? ]: Me or situations involving me? If it's me then maybe "Bad Touch" by um I forget but if it's the second then currently "The Reason" by Hoobastank.
[ your best feature? ]: sense of humor?
[ your bedtime? ]: Not early enough.
[ your greatest accomplishment? ]: God willing, getting my masters degree.


[ what is the age you hope to get married? ]: By 48 or I'm packing it in.
[ number and names of kids? ]: 3. Names I'm kicking around are Dresden, Terry, Julia, and Kirk.
[ where do you see yourself at age 20? ]: Sorry can't go back in time...
[ describe your dream wedding? ]: My parents somehow involved and short in length.
[ when and how do you want to die? ]: when life is no longer worth living and painlessly quick.
[ what are you career plans? ]: Librarian, writer, father
[ someplace you like to visit? ]: To quote Prof. Farnsworth: "The toilet."

WHAT ARE YOUR opinions OF THE opposite SEX?

[ best eye color? ]: Not red.
[ best hair color? ]: Not red or non-normal color if I had to be picky.
[ short or long hair? ]: I like it best up so longish.
[ best height? ]: Not taller than me
[ best weight? ]: If you're beachball shaped, you're too fat. If you're translucent, eat something!!!
[ best first date location? ]: Mini-golf and ice cream (Great answer LV!)
[ best first kiss location? ]: As long as I'm involved, who cares!
[ describe your perfect other? ]: I'd rather not attempt that.
[ what do you notice first? ]: Eyes.
[ last person you slow danced with? ]: Probably my mother. How sad is that?
[ last time you went out of state? ]: It could be argued I'm out of state now.
[ last time you were outside? ]: Three and a half hours ago.
[ last time you had a snowball fight? ]: Don't remember
[ last time you were listening to music? ]: five and half hours ago
[ last time you were on the internet? ]: Now
[ last time you ate? ]: 4 hours ago.
[last time you jumped in front of a movin` car? ]: Shut the fuck up.
[ last time you watched TV? ]: now
[ last time you cried? ]: 3 months ago?


[ how many pplsz are on your buddylist? ]: 15
[ what hurts the most, physical or emotional pain? ]: usually lasts longer (Another great answer LV!)
[ have you felt this recently? ]: I think it's who I am.
[ what do you wear to bed? ]: boxers
[ when`s the last time you slept with a stuffed animal? ]: Years ago.
[ have you ever played ouija board? ]: I don't recall.
[ how many rings before you pick up the phone? ]: 2 I guess.
[ how many schools have you gone to? ]: 2 elementary, 1 middle, 1 high, 2 college
[ would you shave your head for $5,ooo? ]: Sure. Why not?


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