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Review and Rant, Holiday Edition

I meant to discuss this a couple days ago but I forgot then I just wasn't in the mood to post yesterday so here it is: I just recently finished reading Star Trek: Titan: The Red King. This was basically part two of the "pilot" if you will, introducing us to the crew and what not but also had a separate plot from Taking Wing. You didn't really need to read that previous book but I know I'd be left with like a hundred questions if I didn't. I really don't like how Trek books aren't stand alone any more. A prime example: Riker's first officer was apparently introduced in a previous book that I didn't read and really have no interest in reading and if I didn't read it I'm pretty sure no one else did.

I have other problems with the crew. I think it's great that Alyssa Ogawa, also late of the Enterprise, is part of the crew but why is she still a nurse? Shouldn't she be doctor? The Enterprise is the flagship so transferring off of it unless your promoted in rank is tantamount to a demotion. This book introduced Tuvok as the tactical officer. Though, I liked him least of all the Voyager crew, I suppose I don't have a problem with it. What I do have a problem with is that the crew includes three Next Generation characters, one Voyager character but other than Melora Pazlar who was introduced in a second season episode but was not a regular, no Deep Space Nine character. I'm not saying it's discriminatory but, to me, it seems like a illogical exclusion. Too bad Miles O'Brien was an NCO, he'd make a pretty good first officer I think...

The local NBC affiliate as started up their annual Joy of Sharing campaign. Is it just me or is that music they play while advertising it the most irritating noise you've ever heard; with the exclusion of car alarms and nails on a chalkboard of course.


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