Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What's That Moody Blues Song? Ah, Yes. "Ride My Seesaw"...

Yesterday was a day of ups and downs. It began Monday when I discovered two local libraries were looking for reference substitutes. The problem arose when I noticed that deadline for one of them was today and it wasn't clear how to apply for it. So finally got ahold of them yesterday and I was told to download an application and drive it into the town office. Those who know me know how difficult that can be for me to do. I was given the name of the human resources person who told me that, without knowing my driving issue, that I could actually fax it and then send the original by mail! I did so and this made me very happy.

Fast forward a couple hours. I discover my checking account was overdrawn yet again. This was partially my fault as I made a purchase assuming that I would be finally paid for that second week as I was assured I would be. Guess what? I still haven't been! I freely admit I should have waited for full confirmation of the payment but I guess I'm still very naive that when my own agency assures me it was finally taken care of. When the hell am I going to learn my lesson? $270, or whatever it will be after taxes, seems like a paltry sum to take prolonged legal action for but I'm really, really pissed off now. My father recommends basically a boycott of future assignments until I'm paid for that second week and that one day job I did. Wouldn't that hurt me more than them? Although, if they don't pay me anyway, kicking back and enjoying the sun sounds good to me...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Movie Night

No, it wasn't a marathon of war or Godzilla movies, we went to the theater last night. Since my parents declared that it had been awhile since I got to pick the movie, and they're not kidding, we went to see X-men 3. If I pretend I've never read the comic, I thought the movie was very entertaining and will go in the collection when it comes out on DVD.

But let's face it: I grew up on the comic and loved it in the '80's. I also read reprints of the '70's issues and loved those as well. True, I stopped reading it during the Gambit-Psychlocke-Jubilee era of the '90s but I kept abreast (After all, Storm's and Jean Grey's boobs were the size of their heads!) of what was going on and read the "Generation X" comic.

The movies have never followed the comics, or at least not as well as the Spider-man or even Fantastic Four movies have, but this new one tops, or "bottoms" them all in this department. Why did Juggernaught keep taking off his helmet? That's how you stop him! And did anyone notice Omega Red in the film? Of course you didn't because his make-up was so off from what he looks like in the comic. So too the Morlocks, Callisto and Leech. Callisto is supposed to look like a alcoholic Chrissie Hynde with an eye patch (I did love the fights between her and Storm, however, as it references the their battle for control of the Morlocks.) and Leech basically looks like a young Gollum with a knit cap.

The other comic reference I really enjoyed was when Colossus would toss Wolverine in the air. I remember them doing that all the time in the comic. I also thought the casting of Kelsey Grammer as Beast was perfect but the script really didn't give him a chance to really show it.

I understand wanting to do the whole "cure" plot if this is indeed the final movie but having the set up for the Dark Phoenix saga then just brushing it aside with some explanation of "telekinetic cocoons" and split personalities is way too lame. Not only would Professor X and Cyclops not have died, they would have had decent storylines to boot!

I was reading somewhere that the reason Gambit wasn't added to the film was because their choice Josh Holloway felt the character was too close to his "Sawyer" character on Lost. Ok, yes, they're both con men but Gambit has a Cajun accent and blows shit up. Of course Peter's Russian accent is mysteriously missing so we'll never know... I do think he would have been out of place anyway as Beast and Angel are two characters known for their need to be rid of their mutantness.(Can I point out here that Beast was not born with blue fur so his fur shouldn't have receded near Leech. His feet should have shrunken.) I do not recall that about Gambit at all so he'd merely be eye candy for some producer anyway.

Now that the series is over, for now anyway, can someone finally explain to me why the ages and costumes were changed so much from the comic in this series? Really only Professor X, Storm (What was up with the Tina Turner hair?), Cyclops, Beast, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Magneto and Mystique where done all that accurately. Ice Man was one of the original X-Men as was Angel. Why couldn't they make them older? Why are they all in black leather? Spider-man, Fantastic Four, the upcoming Ghost Rider and even Daredevil looked like the comic and looked just fine on the big screen.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Let's Just Get Naked

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a friend, or, more accurately, a former friend who has cut themselves out of your life for reasons unknown, who was not doing well yet all you can think of to say is a statement that could very easily be interpreted as selfish and unhelpful. Added to this, the situation is none of my business anyway. It's aggravating. The best I can do is write what I just did here in case she comes across it.

Speaking of former friends, I discovered last night a person I tried to start a relationship with is moving in with the guy she met about the time we ended things this past summer. My mood has nothing to do with who has moved on and who hasn't. Hell, I myself even had a whole other "attempt" since. No, I guess it's the speed all this has happened that bothers me. Not only am I not "the one," but I could be seen as "the one just before the one." This really shouldn't bother me and I did ask her how she was doing so I guess I really wanted an answer but...argh!

Can you believe that basically everything added to the Lost mythos early in the season was either killed or blown up at the end? In some ways I don't fault producers for blowing up the hatch and killing Desmond but I'm still a little iffy on the killing of Ana Lucia and Libby. I think they could have accomplished the storyline movement another way. If Mr. Echo is dead, I think that is an acceptable loss given how it would have happened. I can't wait for next season.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Thy Alias is Charmed One

It may be the end of an era. Not one but two of my shows ended recently. Last night, Alias rocked. Yes, predictability was evident in more than one place so it's probably good they ended before it got much worse but there was still much coolness. So much coolness, in fact, that the show will be missed. One thing that drove me nuts was that they kept changing the plot of the show; to a point anyway. The actual plot of the show wasn't really all about Sydney's job I realize now as the one common thread throughout was Sloane's obsession with Rambaldi. Star Trek dealt with this theme numerous times so maybe J.J. Abrams is the one to take over the franchise...

The rest of my commentary will contain spoilers but these thoughts need to get out. At first, I was a little irked that the showdown between Syd and Sloane happened so early in the episode. I figured this was the ultimate battle and Syd taking on her mother was secondary to that but then I realized this would have cheated Jack out of his confrontation with the man and his revenge against all the crap Sloane put Syd through, and their friendship, was, to quote Peter Griffin, "Freakin' sweet!" The battle between Syd and her mother had many parallels to the final battle in Return of the Jedi. (Marshall's comment of Rachel using the wire from her bra to kill a guy being "Empire Strikes Back-cool" seems to suggest they had that battle in mind as well.) There was one difference, however. Unlike Vader, Irina wasn't capable of coming back from the dark side despite Syd's pleas to help her to do so. Irina is her mother after all... My one real complaint about the episode was the fast forwarding to the future. It was not the closure I needed at all.

I really should have posted on the series finale of Charmed yesterday since the episode was really good but looks like "amateur hour" in comparison. I loved, as I knew I would, it being "The Piper Show." She was always my favorite character and was in no way the "Kate Jackson" of the show. She was the "Cheryl Ladd"... Bringing their parents, Grams, and the Future Wyatt and Chris into the story was great and, while the first part of this statement was very predictable, have Billie come back to the side of good to flash fry her sister with her own fireball was probably the best part of the episode. The major problem wit the episode was the future montages with voice over. It was too 7th Heaven or Disney film for my tastes.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Saturday's All Right For Posting

Ok, yes, another bad title from me but it's so hard to think of one when you have a myriad of topics you want to cover so there you go.

First, now that it's season is over, I want to make a comment or two about Boston Legal though not about it's season finale per se. How much do I love it that Parker Posey is now part of the cast? The cast was totally awesome anyway with William Shatner, James Spader, Candace Bergen, Rene Auberjenois and Julie Bowen but Posey as well? ::Drool:: I do worry that the addition will push Bowen out but I hope I'm wrong. The writing of the show is so good, I'm sure I'll get over it if that does indeed happen anyway.

Thursday, I worked at another insurance agency for one day only doing a photocopying project. Going into it I was under the impression that it would be done by noon but I think there was more work than expected as well as more interruptions, which should have been expected, and more staples to be removed. Also I don't think many realize how slow I am considering I'm not living in some group home doing macaroni crafts all day. Yes, I'm projecting... I came home and my (bad) knee was killing me until Friday afternoon.

Last night, was the Church Family Movie Night. The attendance, as I expected, was really small. Most of the little kids did come along with two middle school students and one high school student. No one without young kids came that didn't have some connection to the Deacons or Christian Ed committees. (The parents of a CE member came as well as my mother.) The young kids that came really do not have the personality to sit and watch a movie as the two youngest ran around the room most of the time and the next oldest had more fun making shadow puppets on the screen.

Herbie: Fully Loaded was a pretty boring movie. The soundtrack was good but most of the songs didn't seem to match up with what was going on during the scene except one scene when Herbie was macking on a newer model VW they played Lionel Ritchie's "Hello." That cracked me up. I also laughed really hard when Lindsey was about to make out with this other kid, the laptop's anti-virus screen popped on. The best line of the night came not from the movie but from my mother: "She's awful buxom!"

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rainy Day Fits My Mood

Ok, so I finally am told today why I wasn't paid for that final week of the mail room job. The hours I submitted didn't match up with the time card hours so the machine rejected it. And do you know why? Because there's no record I worked that Monday. And do you want to know why? I wasn't given a time card until Tuesday. Why? I don't know but I'm guessing I'm apparently a non-entity. I'm too trusting. When I told the manager about it and he said it would be taken care of I assumed he meant it. Apparently, I was suppose to contact my agency immediately about this. How was I supposed to know? Argh!!!!!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Friends with Justice And Charm

On Saturday, we went to see Friends With Money which ironically stars Jennifer Aniston. Overall, I give the movie a B. The acting was good and the most of the dialogue and situations were interesting but there were problems with it. As is the case with all "art house" films it drags in places. This isn't Joan Cusack's best film by far. Just watching School of Rock shows you that. There were scenes of unrealisticness which I'm not sure is even a word but should be. We all agreed that Aniston was the most attractive of the women yet hers is the character that hates to exercise and can't get a man. WTF? In a related matter, I liked the French maid outfit...

This weekend was the series finale of Justice League. Should series finales be only a half hour? Hell no! While it's true it was the second part of a story that started last week, it was really a stand alone episode and they crammed so much coolness into the last part it should have been an hour in itself. In a related rant, what cartoon am I going to watch now? That was the best one on the air today.

Last night was not the series finale of Charmed but set things up for it. Not to give anything away for those readers that understandably watched West Wing instead and taped it for later, this was the best ending on Charmed since Cole vanquished the Triad. More irony... Next week's episode looks to be "The Piper Show" which makes me very happy but, and this is a bit of a spoiler, why can't they just leave Phoebe, who, incidentally, brought sluttiness to new heights with her outfit last week, dead? Do fans really want her alive and married off? I really doubt it.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

It's a Smallville World After All...

Oh, come on! It was only a matter of time before I did that! Since Smallville has ended for the season, I figured I would give my review despite the fact it never generates comments. I think they did the whole Brainiac angle quite well. I love the fact they never mentioned him by name. This is a trick they did on Enterprise a few times with mixed success I think but that's another post for another time. Back in Kansas, I had wondered how they'd push Lex over to the dark side since they eliminated the reason he did so from the original comic. In it, the reason Lex goes bad was because he lost his hair and blamed Superboy for it but here, Lex and Clark don't even meet until he already lost his hair. (Hairloss is probably a lame reason anyway but it was the 1930's so what do you want?)

As far as continuity this season, though, this was also a mixed bag. Clark and Lana do break up around now but she should know his secret. I suppose their way made it easier so it's a small gripe but it gets much worse. First, they had an appearance by Bart Allen a season or two ago which is a major violation in that he's a teenage Flash now making him much younger than Clark. (Why they didn't go with Barry Allen I have no idea.) Now, this season, they made Cyborg the same age. In the comics, he was on the Teen Titans with Dick Grayson, the original Robin, which also makes him too young. (The Luthor angle with that didn't bother me and the Aquaman appearance didn't either. In fact, I really enjoyed that episode.)

I look forward to seeing how Clark escapes the Phantom Zone. In the past, all it took was a cosmic explosion or a comet hit so the writers may go for something lame like that here but I'm hoping for more this time.

In other news, I bought a couple new CDs using some of the money, after a bought the gift for my mother, I received from the seminar. I bought the new albums from Jewel and Snow Patrol. In Goodbye to Alice in Wonderland, Jewel is back! Though I may have been the only one, I enjoyed her foray into dance music. Still, it's nice to hear her old sound again. Funny thing though: "Fragile Heart" appears on the last album as well as this one. This is not the first time even Jewel has done that as "Hands" appeared on the Christmas album but those two version are at least somewhat different. These two are not that different at all. No, I'm not upset or feel cheated. I'm amused actually. I was sitting there listening to the album and I was like, "I know this song." I still don't understand why she's opening for Rob Thomas instead of vice versa. It's like Bob Dylan opening for Natalie Merchant. Not going to happen...

Snow Patrol, I've determined, is my favorite new band. Eyes Open is another great album from them. I've only listened to it once so I can't say yet if it's better (My preliminary feeling right now is no.) but it's certainly just as good. The duet with Martha Wainwright is very good indeed.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More Lost Thoughts

Now, it's possible we will discover that Libby did indeed survive the shooting as producers refuse to confirm either way but they have mentioned in at least two separate interviews that the Libby/Hurley relationship is too make up for the Charlie/Claire relationship being on the rocks right now. Why does this have to be? What is so wrong with the lovable fat guy having love? Besides, if she does indeed die, we'll never know, except in flashbacks I suppose, why they were both in the same mental institution and Hurley doesn't remember her. (I think she does.)

I helped out with another financial seminar today. I still didn't get my steak dinner but I did get a pretty good salmon dinner this time. Honestly, I'm not really partial to fish but it's a step in the right direction. I think I had a better grasp of my duties this time so I think it went much smoother from my perspective. I fully admit, I'm not a perfectionist "Type A" personality so my friends my have a different take on it.

Provided it doesn't get rained out the first real Sox-Yankees match up happens starting tonight. Of course I hope the Sox sweep the series but we all know that, at the end of season, the season series will be 10 games to 9 one way or the other. That's the way it's always been. It'll still be fun to watch, however...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Random Comments Into My Life

We did yardwork yesterday. I picked up a lot of sticks. Home Depot sucks on a Friday morning. My father and I went to get a new gascan for the mower and there was only one employee around to help us...and she didn't know anything about how these new fangled gas cans work...

So due to a bank error when I reset my bank account so I could accurately keep track again, I had like a hundred dollars less in my account than I thought so my last bill payment put me in the hole. This would've been all right and easily fixed if I had been paid for the last week of my mailroom job but, oddly, I still have not been even though it's been weeks. I don't know if I can accurately convey how infuriated this makes me. If it doesn't happen soon, heads will roll!

Also yesterday I re-watched the Enterprise episode "Regeneration"; this time with audio commentary from the writers. They made some valid points I hadn't considered on the issue of if this episode screws with continuity or not. I now say no. As they pointed out, the Ferengi episode was much worse in that regard.

So, as I read in an article yesterday, it seems Michelle Rodriguez had only signed on for a season as she apparently is very concerned about being typecast... The producers wanted the character Ana Lucia to last longer but the changed their plans to accommodate her. My question is why didn't they just find a different actress? Are thirty-ish Latina actresses that hard to find they settled with her?

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Florida, Red Sox and Meaningless TV Commentary

I'm back from Florida and, thankfully, not cold this time. Of course, there's a big difference in temperature here in CT, as probably everywhere else, between late October and early May...

There were a few differences this trip. We went the beach twice as opposed to never. The water is so warm on the Gulf. I told my father that I may never go in ocean water up here again! I received a sunburn on each visit. The first time I burned my forehead and I burned my ankle at the second beach. Yes, two very weird places. I'm talented.

The highlight of the trip was going to Tropicana Field in St. Pete to see my Sox play the Devil Rays on Sunday. Sure, they lost but it was so close and our seats were right behind the visitor bullpen. The seats were great. When we get our pictures back I'm sure I'll post some.

Sports Interlude-Speaking of the Sox, we were forced to watch the Red Sox-Yankee game on ESPN. Their coverage is better than Fox in that they don't kiss Yankee ass unless they are actually playing the game but they were in this case. They kept going on and on about Damon's return to Fenway. Talking to people, only Yankee fans think Damon now being with them would be bothersome in Boston. Red Sox fans don't seem to care. So they went on and on about this and glossed over the big news of the game. The return of Doug Mirabelli. Does Sox management read my blog?

Anyway, back to Florida. The part I suppose I disliked the most, more than not seeing any manatees since it's no ones fault they go back out to sea in April, was that I didn't get to visit with my cousin more. This trip I stayed at my aunt and uncle's which made more sense logistically and frankly made it easier to sleep, I didn't get to see her as much. Hopefully, next time we can arrange a happy medium. Being an only child I don't mind doing more mature things and being in more mature conversations but there were times it was a little too boring.

I mentioned this elsewhere but did the promo department at Fox have to tell us every commercial break that this week's House was a two-parter? Don't people want to be surprised by cliff-hangers? Isn't that the point of cliff-hangers? The problem as I see it was that they wanted people to know they were going to show the conclusion yesterday instead of next Tuesday. I was willing to wait until then myself. Is our society too much into instant gratification?

How interesting the two people killed on Lost last night were the two actresses recently busted for DUI... It did confirm one thing for me though: my father has turned into a crotchety old man practically over night. "What kind of show is this? When does it end? It's 10 o'clock!" I need to get out of here...
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