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New Movies I've Watched (And An Update On the Publishing Of My Book)

My roommate's movie-loving friend came up this past weekend so here's some reviews:

Sidney White: This movie could have been called Sidney White and the Seven Dorks but I guess they didn't want to push it. I've always loved Amanda Bynes but I think What A Girl Wants is better although maybe because Colin Firth is a better actor than John "Bo Duke/Pa Kent" Schneider...Anyway, I hate movies like this on principle because sorority chicks, even if they share the same food allergies, would never fall for a dork at least not after only two brief conversations. Also, biker/goth chicks would also not want to "hook up" with a dork just because she promised herself she would if she met the writer of a blog she really liked. No! No! No!

The Day After Tomorrow: Typical Roland Emmerich-directed action movie where shit gets destroyed except this time the enemy isn't aliens or giant lizards. It's global warming. There is no denying, Mr. Bush, that global warming is a major problem where we supposedly have 100 to 1000 years to deal with it suddenly creating havoc immediately sends up major red flares for me. Are we supposed to believe that our hero, climatologist Dennis Quaid, is so fucking bad at his job his predictions are that far off? Why would viewers such as myself care that this apparent waste of space survives let alone keeps his job. One final thought: This movie is apparently a horror film as Cheney becomes president...

Beowulf: Speaking of idiots, I thought this movie was live action but, really, using the same type of animation as Polar Express was definitely the way to go. This movie rocked. Yes, it was slow in a couple places and Grendel's use of Old English was a little rough with no subtitles but I did love how Neil Gaiman and the other writer whose name escapes me told you who Grendel's father was. Given how this is revelation is the backbone behind this version you definitely need it. I must also mention that the cast was perfect for this.

Tyler Perry's Why'd I Get Married?: We all know how I hate "black chick flicks" but this one was actually pretty good. I actually found it thought-provoking and very well acted. I haven't seen Janet Jackson act that well since her days on Good Times.

Underdog: I wanted to hate this movie but aside from just calling him Shoeshine and him not being a shoeshine boy and Polly Purebread not being a reporter, this was actually a really good film. Peter Dinklage did a much better job as Barsinister than I thought he would. Believe me though. I'm still irritated about that exception...

Jersey Girl: Not even the best Kevin Smith movie but it wasn't as bad as people might think going into it. Again one of those movie's where the kid is smarter than the parent... Also, with Ben Affleck as her father and George Carlin as her grandfather, Gertie is royally screwed...

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium: This movie was one of the most inspirational movies I have seen in awhile and loved it. Dustin Hoffman and Jason Bateman were great as was the kid. Once again, Natalie Portman shows how well she can act when she has decent script although we all know that she does spectacular when given crap to work with...

I'm in a new phase with the book. The text has been formatted and I'm now going over the page proofs. Again, no release date yet (another month I'd guess) but it's all so exciting. After the text is approved, we move on to cover design then...the book is published!


Cathy said…
OK, you were not kidding about how many movies you guys were watching! We saw beowulf and the Tyler Perry one, but we haven't seen the others. Thanks for the reviews :) I'm so excited for you and your book!

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