Sunday, December 14, 2003

How Many of These Are There?

You're Ron Weasley!
You're Ron Weasley! You're not the leader of the
pack, but you aren't a follower either. You
know that you're not perfect, but you don't
really care. You're the most loyal friend
someone can have, and you're always there to
back people up when they most need it.

Which Harry Potter character are you? With Pics
brought to you by Quizilla

I know we've all taken a dozen Harry Potter quizzes but I thought, what the hell...

I don't really have much else to say. (Mwahahaha!!) Saddam has now been captured. If this was accomplished ten years ago under Bush Sr., I wonder how our lives would have been different.

On Fox News Sunday this morning Sen. Kerry was asked by Chris Wallace if this event made him want to retract his statement that Bush's foreign policy sucks. Kerry replied, "Not one word." and went on to list for like five minutes all of the president's foreign policy screw-ups such as North Korea, nuclear waste floating around Russia and backing out of the global warming treaties. Wallace then was like "Well, there's all that but..." It reminded me of that scene in Monty Python and the Life of Brian where John Cleese asks his fellow resistance members "What have the Romans done for us?" "A new aqueduct!" This also goes on for five ten minutes. Hilarious movie.

The more exciting news for me is the Sox signing free agent closer Keith Foulke. No closer is perfect, at least not one playing currently, but Foulke is better than most. At the very least, we won't have to ask this season who the closer is as we did at the beginning of last season.

I guess the plan now is to re-sign Nomar and Pedro before their contracts expire so no A-Rod.

The other day when we were discussing baseball, I didn't realize how close the Yankees were to acquiring Javier Vasquez. This does not diminish the strength of the Sox's staff but winning the division may not be as easy as I originally thought. Again, we will have to see.

I am concerned by the second base hole we apparently have for the hundredth time but there's still time to correct this problem. How freaking hard is it to get a second baseman that'll stick around for a few seasons?

He-man was not very action packed but really good none the less. Prompted by a dream he had, Adam goes to see the Sorceress who tells him the story of King Greyskull, who looks a lot like He-man, and his final battle with Hordak. Meanwhile, Hordak contacts Skeletor and orders the other man to free him from his prison. When King Greyskull died, his essence was imbued in his sword to be used by a new champion when evil returned to Eternia. His wife, who had the looks and power of the Sorceress, was placed as guardian of the sword. After the story is finished, He-man goes to stop Skeletor from freeing Hordak. In a strange move, Skeletor destroys Hordak's prison trapping him forever with no chance for escape. Evil-Lynn witnesses this and seems to be planning something. It would have been nice if the episode filled in blanks such as how the Sorceress got the job and more of Adam's destiny. In stuff I read on the internet, it seems not out of the question that She-ra will appear at some point but Hordak couldn't have kidnapped Adora if he was imprisoned in some other dimension so the origin would be different if it happens. The internet rumors were put up way before the episode aired so things may have changed since.

The Christmas episode of Justice League was fairly lame. Where was Diana? It's not like she can go home to celebrate the holidays or that she does. They said where Batman was and the fact they had a holiday episode of his show after, which was good even the second time, makes it possible not to include him. Another question I have is why is Clark wearing glasses around the house. His parents know who he is or they wouldn't wrap his presents in lead. The scenes with GL and Hawkgirl were probably the best part although the snowball fight went on too long. They could have easily had a plot to this episode but decided not to. Ah well...

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