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Stick a Fork in Me. I'm Done.

I had my last two classes yesterday and today. Yesterday, I received a care package from my mother's church. The purpose of which is to help college students get through finals. When I received mine, I was halfway finished with the last assignment of the semester due this morning. (That's a fun story but I'm too exhausted to relate it.)

Today, I tried to get boots for the second time this week. The first time, on Monday, I was told they had nothing in size 10. Today, all they had in my size was the boots worth $120, $150. A straight male would never pay that much for boots and a gay male would find them way too ugly. So for the next week or so, I will continue to trudge through puddles and snow in my sneakers. I haven't fallen yet but we're due for freezing rain tomorrow...

I may be going home Tuesday. I was going to stay for the party I mentioned earlier but, as I also said earlier, my friends will all be gone by the 17th and this boot thing makes me not want to stray too far from home.

As promised, let me tell you what I thought of Battlestar Galactica: If the original series was that good, there would be two spin-offs. (There was one called Galactica 1980 that told the story of the crew, minus Apollo and Starbuck and maybe Boomer, adjusting to being on Earth.) My main problem with it, and I've said this at least five times, is that this series was done before, albeit shittier. They may be able to do another couple more miniseries but that's about it. I like a female Starbuck, as I've said, and Edward James Olmos is an infinitely better actor than Lorne Greene, or at least his corpse, and adding tension with son was a good call on Moore's part. I know I said this before, but the actor they picked to play Col. Tigh sucked. The original was tough but this guy was an asshole. (Did anybody else notice that, while adding Hispanics and Asians, they dumped the two black characters from the original?) I also thought that, while, James Callis is a good actor, he was too young to play Baltar. There had to be a reason John Collicos was cast in the original part.

While the idea that the Cylons could look human, sounded cool for a spin-off especially, (::nudge nudge::) the Cylon robots they showed in the first five minutes, and then never again as far as I can recall, were totally awesome and should have been shown more.

Show creator, Glen Larson was listed as a consulting producer in the credits. I believe this is analogous to when Roddenberry would give Harve Bennet suggestions such as "Let's have Spock be the second gunman on the Grassy Knoll." and Bennet would say, "That's nice, Gene." and then usher him out of the office. I say let Ronald D. Moore at Knight Rider and Manimal. I'd watch both of them. We'll get Jeri Taylor to come out of retirement to redo Quincy since she was a producer on the original show but I'm afraid we'll need Ira Steven Behr and Robert Hewitt Wolfe to save Automan from the eternal toilet it's currently in.


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