Saturday, December 13, 2003

More Musings

Now that I have more time to think I have things going through my mind. These will be ignored by the readers of my blog but I need to get them off my chest.

How does one know if someone is worth pursuing? What are traits that are too hideous to ignore?

If we share different politics, for example, will a relationship work? I can think of two examples where yes, they do: one with people I know and one celebrity example. My experience seems to suggest that when politics entered the picture the relationship went south.

I used to be hung up on interests, as Lady Vader may remember. I've met someone here that shares music interests (not all but some) down to favorite song. I don't think even She Who Shall Remain Nameless But Blogged About Frequently and I were at that level. (Ok, yes, we both knew all the words to "You'll Be In My Heart" but who doesn't?)

The downside, in this category, as I can see is that she is not into Star Trek! I know interests aren't important and if it came up, I'm pretty sure she'd compromise but I also miss having someone to talk to about sci-fi and I really can't stand explaining it to people who don't watch it. Could I live without it? Frankly, Voyager and now Entrerprise are disappointments. I, however, loved Nemesis even if no one else did. The occasional movie works on both sides I think. (I can't believe I just said that.)

The paragraph on politics was about another woman. This one seems to share my politics. Being really Catholic, we may have a differing view of abortion perhaps but that's not a big deal as far as I'm concerned.

The biggest problem is that I don't get any vibe she feels anything but friendship for me. Honestly, looking back I've only gotten that vibe from one person, we'll refer to her as "Jackie O.", and until I met her, I didn't even know this vibe existed.

Frankly, I'm worried I'm making a deal about nothing. Am I inventing an interest in someone just to combat my loneliness? Honestly, prior to a chat I had with my mother over Thanksgiving break, I never gave this woman a second thought.

Yesterday, I did a Google search on my first love, whom we'll call "Danielle". As Lady Vader and Deuce both know, I fall back into thinking about her when my mind has nothing else to obsess over.
Confused in Boston

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