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Thanksgiving Weekend

I'm touched I was missed by at least one person. An anonymous reader read one of my stories as well... Thank You Lady Vader for the former. I could have posted while I was home but I went home for a change of pace. I did nothing for days and loved it.

On Wednesday, I went home to CT and saw Enterprise which is unusual for me but the WB decided to start their repeats before everyone else. I thought the concept of the episode was good. Having the Xindi collecting all the different blood types would ensure the whole human race wouldn't be left out of dying when the weapon was set off. Archer was right in suggesting that the Xindi were hiding in the past. They had to pick a time where blood type was kept track of so we're talking twentieth century anyway so why not make it 2004? I liked how they had it in Detroit instead of somewhere in California as it has been lately. (I think the TOS episode "City on the Edge of Forever" was Chicago.) I also loved how T'Pol was around that guy. The interrogation scene was great. ("Do you want to be untied?" "No!") Now, what I didn't like. They didn't spent any time explaining how Archer and T'Pol got back and forth from time period to time period. Apparently, they used some kind of "Time DHD." I would have liked to see it. I would also like to know how Daniels knows the Xindi are in the past but not about anything going on with them in the 22nd century. The writers backed themselves into a corner they couldn't get out of.

Anyway, after that we watched the UCONN men get their ass kicked.

Thursday into Friday, we were at my aunt's in New Hampshire. Thanksgiving night after most of the family had left. The other aunt and uncle who were also staying the night and I watched Uncle Buck with John Candy. Being written and directed by John Hughes, it was such an 80's film. Another thing that didn't occur to me when I saw it the first time was how Macaulay Culkin got the Home Alone part. He played a similar role here and Hughes did those films as well. Does anybody watch that horrid sitcom Yes, Dear? and wondered who Jeanna Louise Kelly is? She was the rebellious teenage niece in this film.

Friday was dominated by the news that pitcher Curt Schilling signed with the Red Sox. That got me excited for the new season.

Saturday, I think we watched UCONN win. Also watched He-man and more. It was a good episode but I think the B-plot was better than the main plot. The A-plot concerned a man who shut down the power all over Eternia. Man-E-Faces was stuck between faces, Meckaneck's neck was stuck elongated, Trapjaw couldn't open his mouth and Triklops couldn't see. This was an attempted blackmail attempt for He-man and Skeletor to come and move boulders for this guy. (Yes, there was even a "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." moment.) The better plot was King Randor and Battle Cat going to find Queen Marlena whose aircraft had lost power and crashed. Marlena was hiding out in a cave until a sandstorm passed and was holding her own against a couple of the Snake men. The best part was when Battle Cat had a memory of the particular cave she was in because she had taken Adam who was a boy at the time and his little kitten Cringer. (This is the first episode he was referred to as such I think.) Marlena asked Randor how they found her and he guessed Battle Cat had picked up her scent in the storm which she immediately dismissed. Battle Cat said nothing of course...

My parents and I then watched a video: The Whale Rider. It told the story of a Maori girl in New Zealand living in a patriarchal society. Also prevalent is the Maori legend that the leader their people came to New Zealand from Hawaii on the back of a whale. I don't recommend it to Deuce but the rest of you should see it.

After which, I watched Justice League. When it began with all these supervillains around a table, I was like "Why are they doing another team-up and with 90% Superman villains to boot?" I was pleasantly surprised that that wasn't the point of the episode at all. Having the League deal with the supposed death of Superman was excellent. Diana almost killing Toyman. Batman not attending the funeral because he didn't believe it to be true. As Diana put it, "he doesn't deal was loss well." I loved the funeral scene with Lex Luthor appearing and Lois getting mad although doesn't having the Kents, with cousin Kara and Lana, there blow Superman's secret identity? Admittedly, maybe Lois knows as she does in the comic books but I never saw that episode and what about the press outside? One may wonder why Batgirl, Nightwing and Robin were not there as well when Aquaman, Dr. Fate and the Green Lantern Corps were. ::Shrugs:: If I wrote the solution to the problem of how to get Superman back from the far future, I think I would have had Batman figure it out which would allow more people think he losing his mind.

Sunday after going to church and the Advent workshop where I made two Advent chains and a candy house, the afternoon was all about watching the Patroits get a huge lead, proceed to blow it and then hold on by the skin of their teeth to win their eighth in a row. We also watched the UCONN women play like crap and yet still pound the crap out of Holy Cross.

Alias was kinda weird last night. Yeah, I'm guessing Lauren is not part of it but what if she was? That would be an interesting twist. Obviously whatever is behind that door will require her to look up Will. The biggest mystery is why Lindsey wants Sydney dead. The interrogation scenes the week before made my father suggest Lindsey wants to get back at Jack for something but there has to be more to it than that. The fact he seems to have fallen for the Covenant cover story suggests that he's not in league with them but what if he really is? I have no other explanations. Those watch the show, I'm interested to hear your opinions on this.

And finally, before I went to bed last night, I watched The E! True Hollywood Story on Heather Mills McCartney. Did you know she had not one, but two eggtopic pregnancies before this latest one? Baby, I'm Amazed...It was narrated by Marina Sirtis whom we all know and love.

Well, that was my whole weekend when you add all the Bond films I watched. (Shockingly, Spike TV, the first network for men, is not available at an all-women undergrad school...) I hope you enjoyed reading it.


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