Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Must Do Quiz...

Don't know what to say about this but I love the Companion...

Which Doctor (from Doctor Who) Are You?

You are the sixth Doctor! Well, you're a bit complex, aren't you? No one is really quite sure what to make of you at times. You might even have something akin to a split personality. Your sense of style leaves a lot to be desired, certainly. However, behind the brash and egotistical exterior likes a pair of hearts that has an unequaled thirst for justice and sincere affection for those you surround yourself with.
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Anonymous said...

It would probably make more sense if I had grown up watching this with you guys!

You are the fourth Doctor! You're certainly the most popular. You've got quite the bohemian sense of style, and you never met a scarf that was too long. You have no qualms about playing a bit of a buffoon, but your carefree nature turns into steely resolve in the face of danger.

~your non-sci fi cousin ;)

Likestrek said...

Actually Tom Baker is probably the Doctor everyone our age here in America would know...

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