Saturday, September 29, 2007

A New Record?

I may actually break this year's record for number of posts in a month but so what? Two things have developed that I want to discuss. (Ok, four or five but in two catagories.)

First, go Sox! Yankee fans may argue that their team stopped trying but I will point out their "B-Team" won and it was their "A-Team" playing last night lost on a bunt! Anyway, Matsuzaka gave me hope that he can still pitch. Yay! I think the Angels won't pose too much of a challenge in the first round but they better not slack off...

This week, my cousin and I tried out two new shows. Journeyman has much pontential. We see it as a cross between Quantum Leap and The 4400 and maybe a little Seven Days thrown in. Interesting mix. I also enjoy the casting Kevin McKidd would indeed have made a great Thor but I guess that won't happen now. It's good to see Gretchen Egolf as his wife. She was great as the evil senator on Roswell and, oh, she was also the department head on Martial Law! Reed Diamond is an awesome choice for Dan's brother. They look so much alike!

If I have rerservations about that show, I definitely do not about the new Bionic Woman. I can't wait for Jamie and Sarah to face off. It'll be so Buffy/Faith... My only complaint really is that there is no Oscar Goldman or Rudy Wells. The only connection to the old show is that her name is Jamie Sommers. Sure, it's more creative that way but it's not the "smile and point" re-imagining David Eick's other show was in the begining. (Although, I still want a Cassie or Sheba on that show...) Speaking of Roswell, Jason Katims who created it, is apparently an executive producer here although Ron Moore was the show runner for that before he teamed up with Eick to do BSG so full circle or something I guess...

One more thing, also to do with science fiction put out by NBC Universal. They want to remake Knight Rider. This part is cool. When Battlestar was put out, I musewd on this very blog about other Glen Larson shows to re-do and Knight Rider was probably one of them. Here's my problem: NBC wants a Transformers element added to the show. That's messed up but I still what to see the new Bonnie!

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