Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Christmas Vacation-The Movies: New Year's Addendum

My roommate had a friend from his first college days come to visit starting New Year's Eve and she loves to watch movies so we watched a bunch. She brought Hairspray with her so we started with that. That movie was not as sophisticated as Once but was definitely F-U-N fun. At first, I wondered why Travolta was putting on a Philadelphia accent if they were in Baltimore but maybe it's a Mid-Atlantic accent? Hmmm. I didn't know Amanda Bynes, Michelle Pfeiffer or Christopher Walken was in this movie so that was a cool surpise. Rent it today.

We next flipped around the channels and found American Pie Presents: Band Camp so we watched that. As with Girl Interrupted, but perhaps more so with this movie, I was amazed what made it on the air. At the moment, I don't feel the need to rent the full version but, overall, I liked it.

As their was nothing on TV, we raided our stash of recorded Christmas movies beginning with Christmas Caper with Shannen Doherty which may have been the best of the bunch followed by Holiday in Handcuffs with Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez which was terrible then was really really good for a bit and then made you think "Why is this movie not done yet?" After that we watched Christmas in Boston with Marla Sokoloff which was quite amusing. "Let's make hot chocolate!" The worse movie was the one we got off of Lifetime: Holiday Switch with Nicole Eggert whom I've loved since Charles in Charge. (Her Summer was much more interesting on Baywatch than Pam's CJ.) It took a long while for the plot to develop and it was very sappy when it did.

What will we watch tonight?

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