Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Most Likely More Later

The last time the Red Sox won the division, in 1995, they faced Cleveland in the ALDS and lost. Now in 2007, the two teams will face off again. This time in the ALCS. Not the most exciting piece of trivia, especially considering Manny plays for us now, but I had to start somewhwere. What I hear now is that the Sox are putting Beckett, Schilling and Matsuzaka with either Wakefield or Beckett, coming back on short rest, to take Game 4. The first two games don't scare me despite facing the Indians top two pitchers.

Game 3 is a bit worrisome but not as much as the next one. I think Wakefield is done for the season. I have visions of him going out there and pitching like Roger Clemens did the other day. Yes, Tim is like 5 years younger but they're both injured. Wakefield will be back next year. Clemens won't be; especially if Joe goes. What's the other option? Beckett on short rest. While Josh seems to turn it on in the posrtseason, I'm not sure if that's a good idea. I'm going on record as opting for this second option, however.

Speaking of Joe Torre most likely going, this amused me:

I think my second week of dance class will go better. I've done so I know what to expect. Like loud music and occassional screaming. We shall see, however.

Tomorrow morning, I go in to my church office to do the bulletin. I'm a little nervous but I'm not totally inexperienced with that so it should be fine. We shall see about that as well.

Oh! Another close cousin has a blog now. Feel free to check her out at They Live In The Woods.

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JRRyan said...

dance class??? tell me more!

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