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So this weekend, well, Thursday, I went up north to the parental units to celebrate my natal day. The bus ride was pretty good thanks to my aforementioned mixes. My parents were both there at the station and we drove home where my father, bless him, had a six pack of my favorite beer (Amstel Light because domestic is skank) waiting in the fridge.

Friday, the actual day, I organized some of my books in my bedroom or the room that is mine when I'm up and there isn't any more important guests. My grandmother and uncle arrived in the afternoon and then was present time!

I received some good stuff this year. The Traveling Wilbury Collection with both albums and a DVD. (The DVD has a documentary of how the band was formed and all their videos. Yes! They have videos!) I also received the third volume of The Superfriends otherwise known as "the Firestorm series" and a DVD of Paul McCartney's 2005 tour.

Finally, I received Vince Flynn's latest paperback and an autographed copy of Tess Gerritsen's latest hardcover. It wasn't just a "Best Wishes" lame one either. It says, "To Josh, Happy 30th Birthday! May it be a thrill- Tess Gerritsen 2007." Doesn't that rock?

That night, we all went to see my second cousin in Clue! The Musical. It was cool. First they ask for three volunteers from the audience to pick giant cards and then the audience basically plays the game. For those who have never played: you're basically trying to figure out who killed Mr. Boddy, what weapon was used and where the murder took place. My mother figured it out and I figured out everything but where. Apparently "Where" was where the body was found on stage which I just figured it was center stage for production reasons, you know?

Saturday, I basically just played with my new toys all day and Sunday I went home. The only movie I watched really was the short documentary Everest. Over all it was just way too short at only 45 minutes considering it was a six moth climb or something and teasing us that there would have music by George Harrison when it really only had snippets here and there was uncalled for! I did like the Spanish woman who was on the team especially the scene where she's climbing some cliff overlooking a beach...

I didn't watch all of the Red Sox game last night as we had to get up early this morning. They finally insulated our bathroom floors after promising they would for at least a month probably longer. The new texture of the floor will take some getting used to I think.

Anyway, back to the Sox. Woo Hoo! What more can one say except I'm glad Mike Lowell was MVP and the Sox better forget A-Rod and just resign him to a four year deal which is a bargain really. It seems clear Jacoby Ellsbury will be on the team next season but is he really ready to take over for Coco Crisp full time? let the Hot Stove season begin!

My boss took me out to lunch today to a fairly new Asian Vegan place. It was good, and this opinion comes from a meat eater, and now that I know you can get substitutions, I think I will return.


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