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OK, I Was Aparently Wrong.

Yes, I was wrong. I predicted that the Sox would win in 6 games and it took 7. Their was debate by those I talked with but I think the way this post season has gone was eerily similar to 2004. That year, the Sox swept the Division Series had a battle in the Championship series forcing them to play all seven games and then swept the World Series. This year, they swept the Division Series and had a battle in the Championship series.

Am I suggesting there will be another sweep of the World Series. Hard to tell. Colorado had huge momentum going through the playoffs and Boston has it now. Sox manager Terry Francona said recently that, basically, momentum only goes as far as that day's pitcher. Managers and players always downplay these things so who can tell if that statement is accurate or by how much.

Joe Buck, or, as I like to call him, a word that rhymes with his last name, pointed out last night Colorado took 2 of a 3 game set this past regular season but I will point out what all baseball aficionados point out all the time: The post season is different. Case in point: C.C. Sabathia was a Cy Young contender during the regular season and stunk in his two Championship Series starts.

Back in '04, the Cardinals played well to get into the World Series and then ran out of gas (as Cleveland just did really.). We'll have to see if the 9 day lay off helped or hurt Colorado. I can't wait but I'm sure the Sox are hoping for no snow...


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