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Musings of a Quiet Geek

Tonight, this blog will live up to it's title. The following is random comments I have about many topics.

One: Why are the stars of The Invisible Man, and I'm not referring to the two hot women from that show, on Las Vegas right now? And why is this show on right now anyway?

Two: Hillary Duff on American Dreams? Here I was thinking the worst casting was Third Eye Blind as the Kinks but I'm afraid I could be wrong...

Three: limp bizkit's cover of the Who classic "Behind Blue Eyes" is not bad but they don't have the best part of the song where it says, among other things, "If I swallow anything evil, stick your finger down my throat ..." I do find it funny though Fred Durst directs the video in which he makes out with Halle Berry. (Cut! Let's try it again but, this time, let's have more tongue...)

Four: While we are discussing horrible covers of classic rock tunes, I must say Kid Rock's version of "Feel Like Making Love" is horribly disappointing. It's really a song he should do well but, for some reason, he's made it more country that than it should be which I find incredibly odd.

Five: Why the hell didn't they show Enterprise tonight? Smallville gets better ratings so I can't be the only one who takes advantage of the repeat showing of Enterprise. I mean why else is there a repeat showing if they don't think anyone will watch it?

Six: Would you like me to add the new He-man show to my Saturday Recap? Tonight we learned three things that were never part of the original cartoon that I remember from my youth: How Evil Lynn and "Keldor" met as well as that Hordak turned Keldor into Skeletor to save his life...We also learned that Trap Jaw didn't always have a trap jaw... With the appearance of Hordak on the show could the redo of She-ra be far behind? Hmm I would love to see a redo of Shadow Weaver, a totally awesome character anyway...Let me know before next Saturday if you want me to include it. I may anyway.

Seven: Why the hell is Eloise at the Plaza still on at 9:42pm? Parenting has gone out the window if children young enough to give a shit about this movie are still up.

Eight: Neither Andromeda and Teen Titans sucked this evening. With the latter show, it was a fluke, I'm sure but, is Andromeda finally starting to get back to where it used to be? This is the second episode in a row that hasn't made me want to induce vomiting. About a year after they end the show, it might be as good as it was in season one...

And there you have what's going on in my mind. The two readers I had apparently stopped reading this judging by the lack of tagging but if you stumbled here by accident, tag your comments and take time from your busy life of work, sexual relations either with yourself or someone else, and whatever else is keeping you away, and check out my writings. Submit a review as well.

Thank you for your support.


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