Friday, October 17, 2003

This Should Have Been the Year

Why did Pedro pitch the 8th? What was that supposed to accomplish? He pitched 7 good innings. That should have been enough. As several commentators said last night,Timlin should have gone in in the 8th with Williamson pitching the 9th. It was working! What was Grady thinking? Hey! We might win this. How can I blow it? Argh! Pedro isn't the pitcher he used to be so there was absolutely no reason to sacrife the game to keep him happy at least not at this juncture in the season if indeed that's what Grady was thinking. I just don't know. This was the year. The chance to win a World Series may never come again.

On a sort of lighter note, did you see Yankee GM Brian Cashman celebrating after the game? I sear it looked like he was saying, "Yay! I won't be fired!"

In other news, could I be anymore boring?


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