Sunday, October 05, 2003

Drinking with Lesbians

Sounds like a great title for a movie doesn't it?

My Online Information Services class so irritated me yesterday. The professor met with us individually to discuss our progress. During my time I was basically bitched out for not killing a tree with the ammount of work I pass in. Yes, the first assignment I probably should have spend more time analyzing search engines but the other assignments my data was self-explainatory to a mentally retarded monkey. Ok, I admit also that, on yesterday's in-class assignment, I didn't explore all the diffrent ways to search the questions, my bad. My excuse is I was hungry and don't work quickly anyway. In short, I don't think this was a fair test of my ability although I'm beginning to question if I even have ability. I'm probably going to fail this class because she's too f@#$ing lazy to teach us properly. If she doesn't have time to teach this class properly she shouldn't have agreed to teach it. Maybe I'm over my head but I can't believe it's all my fault.

Last night, I was invited to have a drink in the living room with the lesbians of the dorm. (Not just a label.) I would say that's the closest I'll ever come to hanging with women but thats not true at all. I did drink with straight women in college not that anything ever happened. I had never had a gin and tonic before. Admittedly, it's been a couple years since the hardcore drinking days of college but that is one powerful drink. I think I prefer vodka...

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