Thursday, October 30, 2003

Good Intro, No?

Chloe Sullivan
You are most like Chloe Sullivan.

What Smallville character are you most like?
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I took a completely different Smallville quiz and I was "hot stuff" Lana Lang. (There were no pictures.) While Chloe is not unattractive, I'm less likely to defile myself...

On the episode last night, I have to say that this was the best episode of the season. I was worried that the season would lose steam but I was clearly wrong. I also was worried that the episode would totally screw with contituity but, for now at least, Perry just thinks he imagined the whole thing. Of course, one has to wonder why he doesn't ever seem to remember the incidents with Clark when Clark mysteriously disappears at the sign of trouble and someone with the same powers as Clark exhibited shows up but then no one ever seemed to notice Superman was Clark without glasses and perhaps a different hairstyle...This episode does explain how Clark was able to get a job with the Planet so easily though. On an odd note, the solar flare aspect was interesting considering that there really is major solar flare activity right now. There was no way the producers or WB or whomever plans the order of the episodes would know that. A comment on that storywise though: wasn't this done on Lois and Clark or Superboy or perhaps both? Continuity wise, if something hapened to you in high school and college would you know what would happen as an adult?

As always, Angel rocked. I loved how everyone acted differently. Wesley and Fred drunk, Gunn urinating everywhere...Yay! Harmony returned! They need her to appear more. Yes, I know she'll apear in 17 episodes ths season total out of 22 but thats not enough! It doesn't occur to me often anyway, that Angel could have meaningless sex and not lose his soul which shows you just how nasty that curse is since one would normally think the opposite would be true. A side note on that, as an employee of an evil law firm, I can imagine Eve would know some tricks in this department.

In case anyone cares, and judging by the lack of reviews, no one really does, "The Death of Sister Teresa" has been updated. I also reworked the previous three chapters. Could my writer's block finally be lifting? Oddly, I'm now reading The Sinner by Tess Gerritsen in which a nun was murdered...

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