Sunday, October 19, 2003

What Will be the Topic Today?

Last night, there was some good TV that I want to comment on. Let us begin with Enterprise. Once again, I am impressed that they are really trying to do stuff with Hoshi this season. This story started out as a classic "Beauty and the Beast" tale which, though has been done before, has many ways to keep it fresh. The writers managed to do this but perhaps that was the problem. Why would Hoshi want to stay with someone who would willing kill 80 people? (There are only 80 people? Even with the MACOs?) It was like the writers didn't know how to end it so they decided to make him childishly evil. A better idea would have been to have him sacrifice himself to save Hoshi.

An interesting development in the main storyline appeared. The Expanse was created? As others have suggested, this means it can be destroyed. Was it the Xindi or someone afiliated with them who did it? The way this series goes, it's the most likely scenario but, as uncreative as that is, that's not necessarilly a bad idea.

Later that night, I watched Justice League. This is such a good series. I love the way, though I don't quite understand it, that Batman is so determined to keep his identity as Bruce Wayne secret from his teammates. At the begining of the episode, Bruce Wayne asks Diana to dance at this diplomatic function in Paris. At the end of the episode, Wonder Woman tells Batman that "We didn't finish our dance." and he replies, "I have no idea what you're talking about." The series has been trying to get the two together for awhile now which I admit is an intriging development. Ladies, if you were really into a man, would you not recognize his eyes, voice and chin? I mean Diana ain't Aunt Harriet!

While we're on the subject of secret identities, in this show, only Superman and Batman seem to have them. Wonder Woman goes around to parties in a evening gown, not bathing suit, yet she's refered to as Wonder Woman not Diana Prince. Ok, yes, she's not wearing glasses and her hair isn't in a bun so only someone who's been under a rock wouldn't know who she was but that's my point. Where are the glasses and the bun? She's not alone. Flash hangs out at coffee shops in costume. Green Lantern doesn't bother to go in a phone booth B-) or alley to change into his costume. And do Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl even ever leave the Watchtower when they aren't on duty?

Secret identities aren't the only problem I have with the show. Ok, yes, Superman is the only invulnerable member of the team (although Diana can take a lot of punishment) so perhaps only he really needs a weakness. I know Green Lantern hasn't been weaknened by the color yellow for years (This means Big Bird can no longer kick his ass.) but I read somewhere a long time ago that Martian Manhunter's weakness was fire, yet frequently, you can see him fly out of burning rubble. WTF?

I have one more negative comment on this otherwise kick ass cartoon. (Imagine if I hated the show.) Call me crazy, or gay, but I don't like that Wonder Woman flies under her own power and not in her invisible jet. I mean, she can't use a drive-thru window now...

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