Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Again, There's A Lot to Say.

After watching Charmed and Alias I can sum up what I thought about the episodes in just a few words: My lingering suspicions were all but confirmed.

Chris is most certainly after Wyatt since he repeated to Leo the exact opposite. Wyatt demonstrated yet again that he's very powerful now. As an adult, with proper training, he'd be unstoppable. I do have a question though: Chris's memory was also erased by the Cleaners. If Chris is from the future, wouldn't he know this whole scenario was going to happen and try to make sure Wyatt stayed non-existant?

In other news, my evil twin or clone theory regarding Sydney has even more support now. I will say also that Project Christmas did come to mind but that was quickly eliminated. Perhaps too quickly. The truth must be awesome. I have a question about this show as well: Why is Sydney still using the "Mountaineer" codename? Doesn't the CIA change codenames after a two year period? Then again, the White House will just expose her anyway....

Go Red Sox!!!! That game was so awesome. This is the year, baby. We can take the Yankees. We broke records pounding the Marlins and the Cubs have had worse luck in the post season than the Sox so it's in the bag, baby.

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