Monday, October 20, 2003

I Thought This Was Deuce...

It's been many moons since I put a quiz on this thing so here you go. Once agan I'm a woman but what a woman!!!

You Are: Xenia Onatopp!

As the femme fatale of "Goldeneye", you
tried to use your gorgeous gams to pilfer off
007 during sex. Too bad his skivvies had a gun
holster sewn into them.

What James Bond baddie are you?
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I'm male but ugh:

Yay! you're Carson Daly. you may not be too bright,
or funny, or interesting, or spontaneous, but
atleast you're pretty...kinda....It's all good
every generation needs a Carson where would we
be without the famous TRL VJ...oh yeah now i
remember in the same place!

What Talk Show Host are You?
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